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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen review

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

In alternating chapters, Bryce and Juli tell the story of their relationship, beginning in second grade when Bryce moves in across the street from Juli. Juli instantly develops a crush on Bryce who doesn't reciprocate, and throughout elementary school he tries to avoid her persistant and unwelcome attentions. In middle school, however, they both begin to notice Bryce's substantial character flaws. Just as Bryce begins to try to change, and to notice Juli's good points, her ardor starts to cool. Meanwhile, their families, and their perceptions of their worlds, also undergo dramatic changes.

I thought this book was really cute. It's about Juli, who has had a crush on a boy that she has lived across the street from since 2nd grade named Bryce. She's completely in love with this boy, but then, in 8th grade, just as he's beginning to notice how great Juli is, she realizes that the "sum of his parts are way less than his whole". She starts to think that there's nothing more to him than his brilliant blue eyes.

I would definitely recommend reading Flipped. It was very cute and kept me engaged. Flipped could be a book for tweens and young teens as well, as it is about 13 year olds and is a clean read.


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  1. I flipped over this book. The creative use of the alternating chapters and getting to see the story from both sides was amazing. I have even convinced some boys to read this book! I told them it will teach them a little bit about the mind of the girls!!


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