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Thursday, February 18, 2010

About Reading Teen

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where teens, parents of teens, and people who just love YA books can find reviews on books, find suggestions on what to read (and maybe what not to read), and discuss what they thought about the books.  We will talk some about book content, but for the most part, we'll leave the detailed content on the website.  Our goal is to help teens find fantastic books that haven't gone off the deep end (content-wise), and help steer them away from books that might be inappropriate for their age.  Also, we hope to inform parents about the books that teens are reading, and get feedback from them about the reasons behind the choices they are making for their family.  Sometimes we might even pose questions about book ratings, authors' intentions and other things that are on our minds.  We hope you find this blog helpful, informational, and most of all enjoyable!

If you have read a book that's not on the website we would LOVE to have your review!  Just write down the questionable content and email it to us at!  Thanks!

Parents, want to know what's in the books your teens are reading?  Check out the website at

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