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Friday, March 19, 2010

Author Appreciation Week! Stephenie Meyer

hosted by Heidi R Kling author of Sea

by Andye
I know, I know!  Unoriginal!  I love Stephenie Meyer's writing...shocker, right?  Well, here's my Twilight story:

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)One day I was on Facebook, reading through everyone's status update when I saw a post from a friend (Brooke, you know I'm talking about you!) saying, "I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!"  I had no idea what Breaking Dawn was, so, of course, I googled it.  It said, "Harry Potter, move over!  Twilight is the next big thing!"  This intrigued me.

I don't know why, because I have never really read much...... anything, (even the HP books I listened to on audiobook) but I decided to read Twilight.  I left reality for the next 8 days.  I flew through Twilight in 2 days and rushed out for the others.  I faked being sick, my kids were left to take care of themselves, my husband was wondering what on earth had happened to his wife, and my friends were all picking their mouths up off the floor, in shock that I was actually reading a book.

I have never before, and have not since, been so captivated by a story!  It was all I could think about for weeks!  I went on and read all the short stories and character sketches and MIDNIGHT SUN....which I think is my favorite, and just couldn't get enough.  So, I read them all again.  I soon became known at church as "The Twilight Pusher".  I have successfully "dealt" the series to 20+ people.  I even went out and bought an extra copy of Twilight because people kept borrowing my first copy and I couldn't live without it.  After finishing them again,  I needed something to placate my withdrawals, but what?

Huesped/ The Host (Spanish Edition)I was hesitant to read The Host, because it sounded really strange.  But, I loved Stephenie's writing so much that I took a chance.  It was amazing!  (read Amy's review)  I think part of me even liked it better than Twilight!  And....they're making a movie, as well as a possible sequel!

The thing is, if it weren't for Stephenie Meyer, I would probably still be going through life not reading, and missing all the other fantastic books out there!  So, although my children, and my husband probably don't thank you, Stephenie.....I thank you!  And all the other YA authors out there should thank you, too, because they're making a lot of $$$ off of me because of you!  I'm like an addict, trying to get another book fix!

Much Love and Appreciation!

Parents:  To check out the content of The Twilight Series and The Host, and see if you think they're appropriate for your child, go to


  1. I would like to say that I LOVE that you started your love for reading from one of my facebook posts, and the other 7,000 i've done about Twilight since then. I enjoy Midnight Sun the most! I think the twilight series is the best tool you can have to get people into reading. It did that for me and I have 3 other people I know of that did NOT read before I told them about these books. Thanks for this blog too. The tables have totally turned and I'm always coming here and getting my "to read" list updated.

  2. Always wanted my wife to be a reader like me, now she has surpassed me, reading more books at a greater frequency than I ever have. All because of Twilight. Tell your husband I feel his pain...

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