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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Author Appreciation Week! J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Ok, people, I'm a little behind!  I didn't know!  I'm new to this!  Apparently this week is Author Appreciation Week.  I found this out on Twitter ....something else I'm new at!  Heidi R. Kling, author of a new book called Sea is hosting AAW.  So, today I'm going to give a little shout-out to one of my two favorite authors.  No matter what I read in the future, they will always be my favorites because, one, they are absolutely FABULOUS writers, and two, I wouldn't be here on this blog if it hadn't been for them.

Today: To J.K. Rowling.  Harry Potter makes me happy!
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)

So, I just discovered the Harry Potter Series about two years ago (gasp).  I never really got into the movies.  My kids were really young, and I wasn't too impressed, so I just didn't bother.  How did I go from there to reading them seven times each, you ask?  My 56 year old father.  (Weird, I know, but that's what is SO amazing about these books, they appeal to all ages!) Yes, my dad is a Harry Potter nut.  He doesn't normally read that many books, and he had read these multiple times, so we were going to get him Harry Potter Scene-It for Christmas.  The problem was, we didn't know anything about HP, and we HAD to beat him!  We needed information!  Since I didn't read books.....AT ALL, we picked up the audiobooks from the library.  I can't explain to you how my life has changed since then. * Let me just put a little plug in for Jim Dale.  He reads the audiobooks, and he is the most ridiculously fantastic reader I have ever heard.*

J.K. Rowling has created such a masterpiece with the Harry Potter books.  If you haven't read them, I know that will sound strange, but you have to believe me.  The characters are realistic, and relatable.  The story is engrossing and brilliant.  The anticipation is extreme.  The plot twists are gasp-worthy, and the methodology is amazing.  I find myself constantly saying, "She knew!  From the beginning!  She planned all this out from the start!"  I think the only way to really appreciate all the detail in this series is to read them at least twice, although we've found a new nugget of greatness every time we've listened to them.  I keep saying "we".  Here's the thing.  My family, starting from my parents (56), when they're visiting,  all the way to my son (7), love to listen to these books in the car together.  If the kids are arguing, I turn on Jim Dale and he tells us Harry's story, and the kids stop fighting.  If I'm stressed, I turn on the CD's and breath a sigh of relief.  But the best part is, that when something funny happens (Weasley twins) we laugh together.  When something sad happens, we all sniffle together.  When we hear something that is revealed in book seven, referenced in book two, we all gasp and say, "Did you hear that?  It was planned, from book two!"  Other than our relationship with God, nothing has brought us closer as a family, because we're all loving and talking about the same thing.

So, thank you, Ms. Rowling!  We will be reading you forever!  Stay tuned for my next favorite author, and let me know who yours is!


Parents should know:  Harry Potter is about wizardry.  If you're wondering if this is an issue with your faith, I suggest reading Looking For God in Harry Potter by John Granger.  Also, there are some "minor" curse words in each book, some death and violence, and some "snogging" (kissing) in the last 3.     For more details about the content, go to Harry Potter on Parental Book Reviews.


  1. I have an affair with Jim Dale daily. Don't worry my husband and children know!

  2. Imagine this...
    Consuming as much as you can until you feel you are about to burst.
    That is reading
    You cannot avoid this sensation, your mind, your voice is telling you the story to you without you even knowing, it sinks in, it tears your emotion, it controls your attention and there is nothing you can do about it,
    That is reading
    You wouldn't it?
    It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, you have accomplished a journey
    Page by page
    Turning the pages effortlessly until your fingers have swollen into cuts
    You don't care.
    That is reading.
    I may not be a genius
    But I may not be an idiot
    I feel one with images, pictures, and the imagery with a sing sentence
    But at the same time with words, creative, spontaneous and imaginative words
    I have both, the story as a movie in my mind.
    A scene
    The music
    The stars
    Everything that makes the whole thing complete
    I am incomplete
    Only without a page or two
    Now that is reading.

  3. hi, this it the imagine this person again, just to say, i have this feeling with all the books i read, just to let you know, i forgot to put that in when i was writing it, bye XD

  4. oh and byt he way, harry potter rulz

  5. I love your writing!! It's really good! And yes! Harry Potter RULES!!

  6. thank you soo much for your comment, and this is, well you can quess as i am saying thank you, sorry for not replying as fast as i could, most of the time when using the computer is in school used for I.T and i don't have time to write a comment, but now here i am, i just want to ssay this was how i truely feel about how reading invigorates the imagination, who doesn't think harry Potter rulz, it is the law. but waht is also amazing is the book Halo by Alexandra Ardonetto, it draged me into a new dimention, filling my head with words i will take with me and the intense heat of the plot boils to the point that you want more, i can not wait to get my hands on the next book hades, to people who like angel it is a must read, but i am on the harry potter page... so. ooooops!
    any way i would like anyone else's opinion on whar books are good from the outsidfe world if it does exist, i feel happy when i am writing in this, i am also the person whi suggested you guys having a page on facebook, anyone with comments on that is welcome to it, but alas my name sahll remane intact form this site, if you take this suggestion into consideration i would be eternally grateful, i sincerly apoligise if i am writing so much, tooo many things to say in one comment, it must be expressed.
    from the one and many anonamous.

  7. Just deserts
    A cold, shadowed night blustered in the wind. It was a day like no other, a day everyone regretted from that day forward. October 31st! A house in the middle of nowhere stood strong and lonely. In a vast kitchen, not a single candle was lit. One chime of the clock echoed in the room. The door shuddered a sound, in came a woman, a white apron tied around her. Not one expression shone on her face, only the glimpse of a knife. It had starlight in its blade and the shimmer of a killer. The sound of a pin dropping can be heard a mile away but the striding of the woman’s boots broke the silence. She cantered slowly to the corner, the one with nothing but a glow of morning daylight from a white pumpkin, shimmering through the cornered area. Both of the woman’s lifeless hands slid the pumpkin into them. She walked carefully beck to the table the knife was lying at. She cushioned the pumpkin on the table, brightening the room with a sinister shine of light. She picked up the bluntness blade, cradling it as if was as gentle as a new born child. At last, she mildly creaks a smile from corner to corner but her eyes turned to shiny, round beads, only paying attention to the pumpkin. The closer the knife came to slicing it, the brighter the glow shone. After a hard day of carving, by the time she finished, Midnight and an hour struck, holes were made in the pumpkin; a murderer’s grin was carved. Mumbling of words in many languages came from the woman that no one could read from her boneless lips. The dark, hollow inside of the pumpkin brightened to a sharp, gold burst of light. It came out from the carvings, by the time it got away, out shot the many things and tales that make you go bump in the night. Bats and vampires cling to the ceiling, spewing blood across the room. Cobwebs stuck to any possible space found. Spirits, ghosts, Frankenstein monsters, spiders, Werewolves, witches came out of the pumpkin, spreading the terror through the woods. Windows smashed, things flew and knocked over, door hinges from doors rust and break free. Nobody came through the woods, even if they dared, they wouldn’t come out or back, the building may still stand alone, it may still curse the world with the dark disasters of the area in October, the woman didn’t come away from the blinding sun in the pumpkin, not anyone knew what happened to the woman, all we know is the woman’s was vacuumed and swallowed into the pumpkin, she didn’t move a bit, it was as if she wanted her life to be sucked out of her body. Remember, On October 31st, beware what may happen at that night, when you see a pumpkin with a carved face and a lit candle in it out side of anyone’s house, look out for the ghost of the woman who haunts the woods to keep away unexpected visitors. Is this a fairytale, we could be in one...
    just to let you know this was ages ago, about tyhree years old so don't judge me, just how bad i was then
    from the one and many anonamous

  8. Are you going to be an author?

  9. I hope so, i have always wanted to be one, my imagination got the better of me when i was little, and it is still a knidling hope.


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