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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Tribute to the One and Only... Miss Jane Austen

I was sitting here thinking about what author I really wanted to appreciate this week. Andria asked me who I was going to choose. Obviously, I was thinking current - Stephanie Meyer (Twilight Saga), Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games), Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments), Maggie Stiefvater (Shiver, Lament), Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely). All Exceptional, very talented writers. Oh, the pressure.... Andria already took my obvious choice - J.K. Rowling - Of course she is the strongest, most genius female writer of our time. Then it occurred to me, Jane Austen was one of the first female writers that started it all.

Jane Austen is a very well known and much loved English author. Her fans today number in the millions. Hollywood has adapted all of her major works for television and the big screen almost fifty times. Major components of many modern romance stories today can be traced to Austen's works, even though she only published six novels. Not to mention the fact that in Jane Austen's day it was deeply frowned upon for a female to be independent and strong. Simply being female and writer was not accepted by society.
All of her main female characters exude confidence, strength and independence. I'm not trying to start the next woman's movement or anything. I think there is something to be said about a strong woman that knows who she is and what she wants. A woman who can make confident decisions for and by her family is an incredible thing. During Austen's lifetime, because she chose to publish anonymously, (under the title of Sense and Sensibility, she wrote "By a Lady"). Her works brought her very little personal fame and only a few positive reviews. Austen is one of the few novelists in world literature who is regarded as a "classic" and yet is widely read.

We have all read her novels or at least seen the movies. So I say with as much appreciation for this wonderful, gifted, magnificent woman/author..... THANK YOU. Without you, we would never of had Mr. Darcy - the most haughty, prideful, perfectionistic, offensive, unforgiving, gorgeous and sexy character of all time - why can't all men be like him?


REST IN PEACE MISS JANE AUSTEN 12-16-1775 to 7-18-1817

~ Amy


  1. I really need to read some of those books.

  2. Spectacular choice! Really, how could you not love Mr. Darcy? "His sense of her inferiority–of its being a degradation...were dwelt on" - isn't that the perfect marriage proposal?


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