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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our First "Story You Wrote"

This is the story that we came up with on Friday in the It's your write it post.  I think it was pretty funny, and I'm wondering if we should make this a weekend thing for us.  Let me know what you think!

Clara’s Struggle

As I ran down the crowded street, gasping for breath, I realized this might be the last chance I get. What will I do if this doesn't work? Where will I go? Who will I turn to? All these thoughts were racing through my head when it happened. 
Out of a dark alley, the ninja sprang at me. I pivoted. Ran with all my might, and dove off onto another street.  I could still feel him in pursuit.  Shifting through the blackness, the ninja followed me like a shadow….too bad for him, I was faster.  I tore down the street and ducked in another alley. I know this city, this is my city, and I'm not leaving.  Not with him, not with anyone.  I realized it before I saw it.  I'm here.   The only thought I could form was: OK here goes nothing
I glanced upward into the night sky. There was a fire escape ladder.  I could really use that right about now.  I dragged two very heavy trash bags over and placed them right underneath the ladder. I heard moaning. It's coming from one of the bags.
Terrified, for my life. I grabbed a sword that was leaning up against the wall of the alley. I heard footsteps behind me. The ninja had caught up with me. When I turned to the ninja, I heard a huge roar behind me. A huge silver dragon burst out of the bag. I now have to shake myself out of my hysteria! It's not a dragon, it's just a really big dog, and the sword I thought I was holding, was a 2 x 4. I'm starting to hallucinate! What did they put in my drink? How much time do I have? Am I dying?
I used the board to fend off the dog.  But what of the ninja?  If I could only see what was in that trash bag. Again, it moaned and moved a little. I overcame my fear, leapt upon it and pulled myself on the ladder.  I climbed for my life.  Finally, I reached the top.
 I quickly scoped out the top of the building, I knew the ninja would not be far behind me.  There was an air duct, but I didn't want to go down, I wanted to go north.  Sprinting to the other side of the structure, I heard the ninja land somewhere near me in the dark. With nothing else to do, I threw myself over the side of the building.
Thankfully, the next roof was only about five feet away. I hit the ground running. The ninja was swiftly and silently snaking behind me. I disappeared behind a chimney to catch my breath. To my greatest dismay, the ninja was closer than I thought. There he stood, right in front of me. I dove to the right and kept running., leaping from building to building.  I couldn't keep this up much longer.
He was right across from me.  As he pulled off his mask I had to roll my eyes. "Got you again," he said.
 "Not for long," I replied.  He groaned as I ran off again.
 With my feet clickity - clacking against the roof tiles, my mind started to keep rhythm. It’s him again, it’s him again. I'm not surprised it’s him again."
Just when I was beginning to wonder where the end of this long building was, I smiled as I noticed that there was a small dark door that when opened led to a set of stairs.  I was out of breath by now, and I thought out of time.  Thank goodness I found that door.
 The stairs led to a dark room that was larger than it seemed.  I was beginning to get really dizzy, though. Whatever they gave me was really starting to mess with my head. If I didn't find the antidote soon, I would be begging that ninja to catch me and end my misery. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see it.  It's glowing.  There’s a light beckoning me forward.  I moved toward it, but it’s nothing - just whatever they gave me messing with my head.  In a dark corner of the room, I caught my breath and retraced my steps. My cover was blown. How did they find me so easily?
Then I hear someone say, "Stop! I'm here to help you! I have the antidote!" It could be a trap! Should I trust him? What choice do I have? In another couple of minutes I'm going to be out cold.
"Who are you? How did you find me here?" I demanded.  The man came closer, holding a vile. It was the antidote! I stayed where I was as he approached me and handed over the glass. Skeptically, I surveyed him. Then, drank the blue liquid. Cringing at the awful taste, I threw the glass down
"How do you feel" the man said. I stood there for a moment, trying to regain my head.
"Who are you?" I finally replied. The man chewed on my question for what seemed like forever.
"I’m .... well, I'm not your father," he said with a wink. As he pulled off his mask I noticed the familiar glint in his eye.
"Oh" I said.
"You lose" Max replied.
"Not fair, you lied."
"All's fair in…well you know the rest."  And I couldn’t fend off a smile.  All's fair in love and war? What did he mean by that? We have been friends for as long as I can remember. Were things changing? In what direction was out friendship going? Every time I saw him, a strange tingling feeling would swell up in my stomach. 
Suddenly, Max was transforming. Pretty soon there was a dragon the size of a large horse standing in front of me. "Don't take what I said too literally." said dragon Max, "I just meant that you are going to taste really good."  Then he lunged at me.
A sudden burst of light jolted me awake. Was that a dream? No. There he was, kneeling down next to me.
"What happened?" I asked as I tried to sit up.
Max gently laid me back down and said, "Whoa there, Clara. You just fainted. Are you ok?"
"I’m fine, thanks. I guess the antidote has side affects?"
Max laughed as he stated, "Or I was just to much of a challenge. You over-tired yourself."  He laughed again, but it wasn’t a mean laugh.
"As if!" I shot back with a smile. "Max, what are we going to do about 'The Administers'? They obviously know that we found out their secret. Why else would they try to poison me, and send someone after me? We have to get the data to headquarters before they find us again. How can we get there without being seen by the Trackers?"
Max brushed the hair out of my face, "One thing at a time, Clara, first we need to get your head clear." He was so close to me I could feel the warmth radiating off him. "And how do you expect to do.....”
Suddenly, black ate up my vision. I opened my eyes to see Max kneeling over me, his mesmerizing grey eyes searching mine. "You keep passing out." he said slowly, "I didn’t realize the antidote would do this to you.  Clara, you just need to rest."
I laid back down, still under the spell of his melodic voice. He sat down next to me, and took my hand. Without realizing it, I stiffened at his warm touch.
 "Are you alright?" he questioned.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied as I relaxed.  I slept for ages. And he stayed by me. In the morning, Max gently woke me up.
"Clara," he said, "We have to get moving." I sat up slowly, my head still throbbing a little. "Alright, where are we gonna go?"
 "To see an old friend..." he replied.
"Ok, Max, I feel better now. Let's go."
Max stiffened, "Shh, I heard something. Let's get out of here quick!"
We grasped hands and headed toward the stairs to the roof. When we opened the door, we heard someone coming up the stairs toward us.  I knew that I wasn’t dreaming this time.
Max yelled, "Go! I'll hold him off!"
I didn't want to leave him, but I knew I was the only one who could save us all. "I'll meet you at the safe house! Please be careful!" I scrambled up the stairs and onto the roof.
I ran as fast as my feet permitted me. Leaping from building to building. Willing myself to fly away. I was beginning to tire.  I could feel my strength fleeing. Then, in mid jump, I realized I wouldn't make it.
My fall seemed to last hours. I screamed. I panicked. I fell. Merely inches away from the ground., everything stopped. Time itself froze.
I awoke with a spasm, right before I hit the ground.  Lying still, I made sure the dream was not real.  I felt ok, not as if I had fallen thousands of feet. I sat bolt upright. Max was still sleeping next to me.  Troubled, I lay back down. Why am I getting these crazy dreams and hallucinations? How long will they last? I have got to stop passing out. Was it the antidote, or still the poison? Thinking about these things, I fell back asleep.

 Thanks everyone for your creativity!  I really loved this!


  1. Great blog, now following you, stop by mine let me know what you think

  2. Hmm that's very interessting but actually i have a hard time understanding it... wonder what others have to say..

  3. anonymous~

    I know, it's weird! It was a kind of game we played one day where everyone added a small section of the story. It was really hilarious throughout the day to see the different directions the story took. This is how it ended up.


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