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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Need by Carrie Jones

Zara is really into phobias, like didaskaleinophobia, the fear of going to school, or arachibutyrophobia, the fear of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.  But one of her biggest fears has already happened.  Her dad suddenly died of a heart attack, right in front of her.  After this tragedy, Zara sinks into a depression and her mother sends her to live with her grandmother, to see if she can help bring Zara back to herself.  Moving from sunny South Carolina, to miserable, freezing cold Maine. is not what Zara wants.  Did I mention one of her fears is frigophobia (the fear of being cold)?

Zara immediately starts school, in her new town, and soon starts to meet “the usual suspects”:  The mean girl, the fun upbeat outsider, and, of course, two cute guys that are fighting over her attention.  But something strange is happening around this remote town.  Zara keeps seeing this bizarre man in different places, a man that keeps pointing at her and leaving strange trails of gold dust wherever he goes.  She and her friends soon come to the conclusion that he is a Pixie, and not just any old Pixie….he’s the Pixie King, and for some reason, he’s after Zara.  Luckily for Zara, though, "Here there be Tygers."

If you like Faerie books, you will probably enjoy this book.  There were some really exciting and romantic parts, and some parts that were a little cheesy, but overall, a pretty fun read.  The political agenda is pretty heavy (not offensive to anyone, I don't think), and at times seems forced and unnatural, but for a good cause.  The sequel is Captivate which came out this January!

Also, Carrie has started a facebook fan page trying to raise awareness about Teen bullying and the effects it has on teens.  Check it out here.


Parents should know:  There are over 50 “minor” curse words and religious exclamations, and one major one.  There’s some pretty passionate kissing and some talk about sex (between Zara’s parents).  There's also some violence, but nothing very graphic.  For the full content review, go to Parental Book Reviews.

Good things:  Zara is a pretty respectful teen who treats her gram and friends really well, and she wants to save the world through Amnesty International.  

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  1. what a wonderful idea for a blog! kudos to you for doing it! there are a lot of great books there, and the idea to keep your kids reading is a great message!! i'll keep checking in with you, i'm following you now!


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