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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward!

I love and hate this day!  I love it because it means longer days and summer is on the way!  I hate it because I have to get up even earlier....and I hate getting up!

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The "create a story" link is running until Sunday night, so there's still time to add your part to the story and add your website or blog link.

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder!  See you then!



  1. I don't like the time change either but love spring...

  2. Andye, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love what you have here. My daughter is an avid reader, as am I. I didn't give a second thought to what she was reading until one day I picked up a book that she had finished and was shocked! I keep a better eye out now and we have more conversations about what we are reading. It's so fun to read the same book and and be able to discuss it with her and her friends.


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