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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rachel Bateman's Book Giveaway

Young Adult author, Rachel Bateman is doing a fantastic "followers" book giveaway on her blog!  Here are the details!

From her blog:

That’s right! My birthday is right around the corner (thanks so much for all the early birthday wishes, guys), so it is time to get this contest underway!
Once upon a time, I said I would be giving away one signed book for every 50 followers the blah-g has. But you know what? That means I would only be able to give one book away. I love all three books, and I want to give themall a new home! So, because all 55 of you are so great, I am going to go ahead and give all three books away!
Wait! I am new here. What three books are we talking about?
Thanks for asking, Mr. Anonymous-Made-Up-Follower-Man. I am so excited to be giving away signed copies of:
So, here’s how this thing is going to work:
Ends April 30th, so hurry on over!  Good luck with your books, Rachel!

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  1. The Forest of Hands and Teeth was SO good! One of my favorite books ever I think!


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