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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy @kaycassidy

The Cinderella Society
I "met" Kay Cassidy the other day on Twitter.  She was talking about her book, and talking about what it means to be a "Cindy" and stand up to those who like to bring others down.  She talked with everyone that night for at least four hours.  By the end of the night, I knew that I not only wanted to rush out and get this book, but also that I really liked her a lot, and love what she stands for (not to mention that we loved all the same books and movies.)  Thanks, Kay, for taking a stand!

The Cinderella Society:
Jess Parker is a sixteen-year-old girl who has moved from town to town, never staying long enough to get close to anyone.  But the soon-to-be-birth of twin siblings has brought Jess and her parents back to their home town to settle down.  Jess soon makes the cheerleading squad, which she hopes will help her make friends.  The problem is, the popular girl, Lexy, who's spot she has taken, isn't going let that happen.

Lexy tries over and over to bully Jess into submission, but when she not only stands up for herself, but also another girl who's being bullied, Jess finds herself being invited to join a secret club against bullies....or Wickeds, as they like to call them.  The Cinderella Society is a group of girls who stand up for all that is good, and stands against all that is Wicked.  The Wickeds are superficial people who are into bullying, casual sex, drinking, drugs, and Wicked chatter (swearing, gossiping, putting people down).

As Jess learns to re-invent herself, on the inside as well as outside, she also learns that The Cindys are much more than just a popular high school club.  And with the help of some amazing friends, and a super-cute Prince Charming, Jess finds out just where she fits into this Society.  

What if you had an entire network of people devoted to helping you stand up to the "Wicked" bullies in your life?  What if every school had their own Cinderella Society, where people who were being bullied, or people that wanted to stand up for others, could go for help and support.  Then again, why stop at high school?  What difference could we all make if we embraced our inner Cindy and stood up for those who needed it?

I hope that's what this book inspires.  I will be giving away this book on April 30th during Blogmania.  Be sure to check back then for a chance to win!


I love the strength of Jess Parker.  Even though she has some self-esteem issues (don't we all) she fights her way through them, and always stands up for what she knows is right.  Even when that means she has to stand up to the guy that she's falling for.  The relationship between Jess and Ryan is so sweet, but its not without its problems.  It's so nice to read a book where the guy knows how to treat the girl, and when he doesn't treat her right, she doesn't take it.

Parents should know:  Although the message is overwhelmingly good in this book, there are some (negatively looked upon by the Cindys) sexual comments, and some mild mature language.  There is also some fairly detailed kissing.  For more detailes go to The Cinderella Society on Parental Book Reviews.

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