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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Airhead Series by Meg Cabot: Reviewed by Kit

Airhead Series By: Meg Cabot

Emerson Watts didn’t even want to go to the new SoHo Stark Megastore grand opening. But someone needed to look out for her sister, Frida, whose crush, British heartthrob Gabriel Luna, would be singing and signing autographs there—along with the newly appointed Face of Stark, teen supermodel sensation Nikki Howard.

How was Em to know that disaster would strike, changing her,and life as she’d known it, forever?

One bizarre accident later, and Em Watts, always the tomboy, never the party princess, is no longer herself. Literally.
Now getting her best friend, Christopher, to notice that she’s actually a girl is the least of Em’s problems.

But what Em’s pretty sure she’ll never be able to accept might just turn out to be the one thing that’s going to make her dream come true….


Being Nikki:
Being Nikki (Airhead)It's not easy being Nikki.  Ever since former tomboy Emerson Watts' accident at the SoHo Stark Megastore--and subsequent brain transplant into the body of teen supermodel Nikki Howard--her life has changed dramatically. Em's trying to handle the demands of school, modeling, fending off Nikki's creepy ex-boyfriends, and living with celebutante Lulu Collins.

Will this former tomboy be able to make it in the world of high fashion? What will happen if she can't?

How can Em balance all her new, crazy life demands of her with school, runway shows, and weekend jaunts to St. Johns--especially when she's got ex-boyfriends crawling out of the woodwork who want more than just a photo op; a sister who is headed to the high school cheerleading championships; a company she represents that seems to be turning to the dark side. . .

Not to mention trying to convince the love of her life that models aren't really airheads after all. . .especially one model in particular.

But then, nobody said it was going to be easy being Nikki.

Runaway (Airhead)Emerson Watts is on the run: from school, from work, from her family, from her friends, from herself.
With everyone she loves furious with her for something she can't explain, and nothing but the live Stark Angel fashion show on New Year's Eve to look forward to, Em's reached the end of her rope. . .what's the point of even going on?
But when she discovers the truth about Nikki's secret, she knows there's only one person she can turn to.
Will Christopher be able to put aside his personal feelings and help her expose her employer to the world? Is it even fair to get Christopher involved--since if he agrees, there's every chance that Stark Enterprises will try to have them both killed--this time, permanently?
Maybe it would be better for Em to just keep on running.

I was pleasently surprised by these books.  I am not a fan of the Clique books or the Gossip Girl series, and I was afraid that these books would be the same type.  But they were completly different.  Insead of being about popular, georgeous (shallow) girls, they followed the story of Em Watts, a normal, un-popular girl trying to get through high school, who is shoved under the spotlight.  And I fell in LOVE with Christopher.  I loved that he's sometimes brutally honest, but still just so sweet and cute!  After I read the second book, I begged my mom to take me immediately to buy the next.  I don't know how anyone could've standed waiting for the third to come out.  Extremely good, highly entertaining, and positively unique! 


Parents need to know: There's quite a bit of religious exclamations, and a few other curse words.  There's also some kissing and some sexual innuendo.  For more details go to Airheads on Parental Book Reviews


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  2. Great review. I'm going to have to look for this series at the library as well. ^^


  3. Awesome review! I'm just about to start the first book, so I'm super excited. I have a feeling I'm going to love it :D

  4. Thanks so much! Thats awesome, I have to warn you though make sure you get the second and third at the same time because it's a major cliffhanger!


  5. I read the first and second book in the series, and CANNOT wait for the third one! I know it's already out, but I am currently BROKE, and my library hasn't bought it yet!!

  6. Oh gosh, how are you living??? after I finished the second, I had to go out and get the third IMMEDIATELY! I hope your library gets it soon!

  7. i cried SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much at the end of book 2! now i just can't wait for book 3 to arrive i'm excited to read it so much!

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  9. The characters are smart, witty, and a little weird, as with typical Meg Cabot books. A fun read, even though the beginning is a little hard to understand, and can be difficult to get into. However, it is definitely worth reading the whole thing, because it is truly hilarious


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