Google+ Reading Teen: Clue #1 for Spells and a Tote giveaway

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clue #1 for Spells and a Tote giveaway

Here's Clue #1 for the Guessing a Quote for Spells and a Tote giveaway:

The first quote in the contest should be really easy,
If you haven't read it, or think that it's cheesy,
You're one in a million, so get on the boat,
We promise you'll love it, and you might win a tote!
It has sparkles, it has blood.  What else could you need?
It's a bestselling book, on that we're agreed.
If you still haven't read it, know that this book has bite!
So write down your answer, and hope that it's right.


  1. I figured the first three (thank you for your first hint, as well, now I'm doubly certain). The last two is making me think so hard I could burst :)

  2. We'll post clues all week, so hopefully they'll help with the last ones :)


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