Google+ Reading Teen: Clue #3 for Spells and a Tote Giveaway!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Clue #3 for Spells and a Tote Giveaway!

Here's the third clue for the Guessing a Quote for Spells and a Tote Giveaway! (in red)

The first quote in the contest should be really easy,
If you haven't read it, or think that it's cheesy,
You're one in a million, so get on the boat,
We promise you'll love it, and you might win a tote!
It has sparkles, it has blood.  What else could you need?
It's a bestselling book, on that we're agreed.
If you still haven't read it, know that this book has bite!
So write down your answer, and hope that it's right.

The second book quote might make you think.
The girl in this book would never wear pink.
She's ruthless, she's cunning, and a little bit scary.
She's made up her mind, that she'll never marry.
It has fighting, it has passion, and a strange King named Leck.
After you meet him you might need a brain check.
If you're still stumped, you should pick up the pace,
For not to have read it, may be called a dis-Grace.

For the third quote in this game that we're playing,
This book is a blast, if you know what I'm saying.
Book one did gain fame from Stephanie's site,
But the second's a success in it's own right.
You may think that the premise is a little bit gory,
But trust when I say, that it's one fearsome story!
Cinna's to thank for this girl's attire,
And when the crowd sees her, they say "That girl's on fire!"


  1. You're a VERY GOOD rhymer!! Congratz!!! =)
    I got 1, 2 and 3 right, eager to see #4 clue. That was a tought one!

  2. This is my first time entering the contest, somehow I missed it!
    1st quote is: Twilight
    2nd quote is: Graceling
    3rd quote is: Catching Fire


  3. Yay! I got the third one right too!! You are so good at rhymes!!

  4. Thanks guys!! I'm having so much fun!!

  5. The 4th one is: Melissa Marr


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