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Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Faery Rebels (Spell Hunter #1) by R.J. Anderson

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter
Forget everything you think you know about faeries. . . .

Creatures full of magic and whimsy?

Not in the Oakenwyld. Not anymore.

Deep inside the great Oak lies a dying faery realm, bursting with secrets instead of magic. Long ago the faeries mysteriously lost their magic. Robbed of their powers, they have become selfish and dull-witted. Now their numbers are dwindling and their very survival is at stake.

Only one young faery—Knife—is determined to find out where her people's magic has gone and try to get it back. Unlike her sisters, Knife is fierce and independent. She's not afraid of anything—not the vicious crows, the strict Faery Queen, or the fascinating humans living nearby. But when Knife disobeys the Faery Queen and befriends a human named Paul, her quest becomes more dangerous than she realizes. Can Knife trust Paul to help, or has she brought the faeries even closer to the brink of destruction?

Faery Rebels was different than any other Faery book that I've read.  I think it was written for a younger teen audience and I think it's a fantastic book for the teen/tween crowd.  Knife is a stubborn, strong-willed faery who isn't afraid to test the boundaries, stand up for herself, and fight for the lives of the people and faeries she loves.  The story is interesting, and the book was a quick read.  But those looking for something like The Iron King or Wicked Lovely will most likely be disappointed.  Not to say that this book is not as good, it's just completely different.  Although there is romance, it's not on the level of IK or WL.  Also, it doesn't seem to follow the normal faery rules.  Knife has no problem lying, or using.....a knife.  And the entire faery world is made up of only female faeries.  This makes for an interesteing dilema as the faery world seems to be dying from a strange illness.  It was fun to read about Knife and her curiosity about the world around her.  Including Paul, the human boy that lived in the house by her Oak.

Overall I thought this was a really sweet book, and it was completely clean.  There was no language or sexual content at all, which I love and really appreciate!  The sequel, Wayfarer, is due to be released June 22.


Parents should know:  There is no language or sexual content in this book.  There is some kissing and some violence that might disturb some people.  For more details go to Faery Rebels on Parental Book Reviews.


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