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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

So, I've been writing this blog for awhile now, and I can't believe the way that it has changed my life.  It's opened a whole new world that I just never knew I would care about or love so much.  If you can believe this, before a couple of years ago, I never read.  No, really....never.  I didn't read as a child, unless I had to.  I didn't read as a teen, unless forced.  And I didn't read as an adult, not for years and years.  My mom is an AVID reader.  I remember her sitting in the Lazy Boy reading a book, while the rest of us watched t.v.  The rest of us (dad, brother and I) just never picked up a book.  So, it may surprise you that it wasn't my mom who spurred this obsession I now have.  It was my dad.

A couple of years ago, I was asking my mom what I should get for my dad for Christmas and she said, "Well, he really loves the Harry Potter books, he's read them like three times each, so maybe something along those lines."  I gasped, "What???  Dad read something?  A book??  I mean books??  Kids' books?  More than once??"  Stunned, I decided that we would get him Harry Potter Scene It.  The problem was, my kids hadn't seen the movies, so none of us could play with him.  So, I went out and rented movies 1-4, the ones that were out so far, and we had a HP marathon.  I didn't think the movies were fantastic, but the kids LOVED them.  But, I thought if we were really going to be able to compete with him, we needed more amo.

Harry Potter 1- 7 Audio CollectionSo, I went to the library and checked out books 5 and 6 on AUDIOBOOK.  (Pause for dramatic effect)  This simple action changed all of our lives forever!  We weren't just hooked, we were obsessed!!!  Book 7 wasn't out yet, so we went back and started with 1.  Unbelievable!!  Amazing!!  Indescribable!!  By the time Book 7 came out, we were the ones waiting in line at midnight!  Since then we have listened to these books dozens of times.  And the best part about it, is that it has connected us all in a whole new way!

My dad and I talk about the books all the time.  We're constantly pointing out things we thought the other might miss. (Of course he usually already knows what I spot)  And since then, I've been able to introduce him to other books that I've loved.  We gave him the Twilight books on audiobook last year and he consumed them, and this past birthday I gave him Graceling on audiobook.  He liked it, but not as much as Twilight!  So, for Father's Day, I've decided to give him a book I hope he loves as much as I do.  Drum-roll please......

The Hunger Games (audiobook) by Suzanne Collins!  This is one of my favorite books ever, and I'm doing him a favor by only giving it to him now, when the last book is going to be out soon!

Hunger Games - Audio

So!!  Happy Father's Day DAD!!  Thanks for showing me this whole new world!  You're an amazing dad!  I couldn't ask for better!  I love you, and love that we can share the awesomeness that is Harry Potter and other great books!!

And I'm going to let you take me here!!


  1. Happy Fathers day everyone! I got my dad an original Spock figure to sit on his desk at work. I thought it was cool since it was the one that lead me to become the sci-fi & fandom nut that i am (course he was never fandom whore like me lol)

  2. Lovely post! It's wonderful that reading can strenghten our bonds with family and friends.

    Oh, BTW...let me know when you and your dad visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My husband and I would love to come along!

  3. Hi Lady! I figured out how to make a clickable link to your blog from mine using your "I didn't know my teen was reading that" picture. I put it on the home page in the left hand column under Teen/Adult Reviews.

    I can't believe I figured it out!

    Tina "The Book Lady"


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