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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little About Me... by Amy

I thought this was funny since I feel like I'm having a blonde moment today.

My life is so completely chaotic right now, you know with the ALA right around the corner ( jealous? ) that I have no idea what to write about today. I have zero ideas. I am usually thinking about ideas on what to blog about all the time, but today I am not coming up with anything. At all. So, I thought I would share a little about ME my family and my life. *If for any reason you are about to die of boredom just close down and check back tomorrow, I'm sure Andye will have some great book review or Vlog.

I am a wife and mother of five first and foremost. I love my life. My kids and my husband have made me the woman I am today. I have been married for almost eighteen years. My oldest will be sixteen this August and my youngest is eight. I have three boys and two girls. We live on about three beautiful acres of land with lots of trees, a pond and a creek that runs all the way to the Potomac. I love living here. I love looking out my kitchen widow to see my boys in cut off jean shorts trying to catch minnows in the creek with a pickle jar.

My twelve year old son is a volunteer at the local library. He wears an owl costume and reads to the young children. He shelves books and is a member on the advisory board. My oldest daughter is AMAZING. I have no idea what I would do without her. She is mama when I'm not home. My youngest daughter, who is nine, is such a girly-girl. She loves to wear dresses and go to lunch with me. I also have two drummers. This video here shows you my oldest drummer who is eleven. He has been playing drums since he was about three. My youngest son is not too far behind him.

ENJOY!!! ( This is not my taste in music, but You can't necessarily play drums with a double kick pedal to Frank Sinatra now, CAN YOU ? )

I know, I know... He's crazy. What can I say?

Well, as far as reading and book reviewing goes... I really haven't been doing that for very long. To tell you the truth, I've only been reading for about seven/eight months now. Well, I've been reading since about five, but ENJOY reading... not too long.

It all started back last summer when I met Andye at a local pool. Our daughters where already friends, so when my daughter introduced me to Kit's mom naturally I had to put a smile on my face while shaking her hand and saying " Nice to meet you, Andye. " But really what I was thinking was... Well, I hope she doesn't think we are hanging out just because we both love Harry Potter, home school our children, have seen Pride and Prejudice fifty times, have blonde hair, are loud talkers, wear bikinis, have the same basic personality ( both crazzzy ) and our daughters are best friends. I am more of a loner, you see. Let me say that in a different way, Andye is pretty much my only friend. I mean I have a few other friends, but before Andye I would either go to lunch with one of my children or by myself. I'm not trying to have my own pity party, that's really how I preferred it before I met the crazy blonde. Ha ha. Laugh with me here, you should see us on Twitter.
  *Shhhhh. Don't tell Andye but she had me at hello " Have you seen Pride and Prejudice? "

Well, you guessed it. Andye stalked me until I saw her coolness and potential. I finally went to lunch with her, after much begging on her part :o))))) . Long story short, I am now her BFF ( you better not say any different Andye or you can find yourself another blog partner ). Andye is who turned me on to Jim Dale, the brilliant reader of the Harry Potter audiobooks. Thank you for that Andye. He has changed my life forever. For about six months now all I have listened to in my car is Jim Dale. Hmmmm. Maybe I was the crazy blonde dork that stalked Andye ? Well, I don't really remember. I just know that God put her in my life for some reason and I want to thank HIM for it. I love you , Andye. OK, enough with the mooshy stuff. Now down to business...

I have enjoyed blogging/writing for Reading Teen so much. My husband asks me every-once-in-a-while Why I do it? I don't get paid, it takes up a lot of my time ( which I don't have a lot to spare ) and I have get want to READ. Believe me when I say my husband would rather walk my 4lb papillion in public than read. He does read all day for work, so reading for relaxation/entertainment is absolutely foreign to him.


1. I love it! I love reading! OH, Ethan. Beautiful Creatures

2. I have grown a passion for reading/blogging

3. It gives me something to do other than being a mommy/wife for a fraction of my day. ( Not that there's anything wrong with being JUST that. )

4. For ALL of the Reading Teen followers... YOU inspire me!

5.Gives me something to Tweet about.

6. It drives my husband crazzzzy!  

Beautiful Dead: Jonas Bk.1 (v. 1)So there you go. A little tid bit about me. Sorry, about the brain fart I seem to be having today. I will be back to normal on Thursday with hopefully a bloody brilliant review for  Beautiful Dead : Jonas by Eden Maguire

~ Amy ( Aaronswoman )

Andye and I are in heaven right now.

Do you see any husbands?


Nope, I don't.


  1. Hahaha!!! I love this! But I'm pretty sure you stalked me....

    Oh, and I love you too!!!

  2. It is great to get to know more about those involved with Reading Teen! My husband asks me all the time, "can't you figure out how to get paid to read and blog?".

    As I am sitting here writing this comment my 10 year old neighbor boy is in his garage playing the drums. I am wondering why I did not think of that when my youngest (now 19) was learning how to play!

  3. woohoo..i love this. and yes, i see no kids!LOL

  4. aww i loved this post, i think its great to have a bond and be able to blog and relate to one another, i would love to know someone who blogs, and hey im one of those who prefers doing her own thing until i met my best friend to :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love the picture, too!


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