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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Reading Teen Team had such an AMAZING time @ALA10 !!!

So the Reading Teen team is absolutely exhausted. Running around getting Arc's and books signed all day long is so tiring. After you've had tons of weight on your shoulders - literally - due to stacks of books in your bags for four days... it's time for a bubble bath and a little R & R. So I will show you some pictures I took to tie you over 'till the exciting post on Wednesday.

Andye and I with The Dark Divine by Bree Despain , Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Siren by Tricia Rayburn getting our books signed. They were so cool and down to earth.

Andye with  Laurie Halse Anderson , she is signing a book for Kit right now.

Austin having a good time with a knight who he says... This is not right, he has a single handed sword with a full length shield... whatever that means??? He's a dork!

A picture of some of the 146 books I received from the ALA. I couldn't even get them all in the shot. I guess going to the library is out of the question for the time being... HAha :o))))))


More and more books... what in the world am I gonna do with them all???

I promise it wasn't a dork/nerd convention....

Did I mention that Bree, Jennifer and Tricia were very sweet and approachable? They totally were!

Andye having fun with Laurie Halse Anderson author of Speak.

Well with a YAWN and deep sigh with eyes drooping... I will say Adieu' , I have a feeling I will be laying on the couch all day today in my sweats reading Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  I'm gonna need a full day of rest to re-coop from the first and most awesome book convention I've ever been to. See Ya!

~ Amy (Aaronswoman)


  1. Yaaaayyy! So glad you guys had fun :)! And Austin is SO CUTE :D! I hadn't seen him in pics before =P! I'm so jealous you got to meet Bree today!!!!! Also, my eyes can't take in all of the books at the same time. . . If you need any help reading some of those just shout *HAH! x)*!


  2. Yes @ally! I know who to call thank you! :o))))

  3. Hello there!
    I am in AWE of the HAUL!

    Excellent ALA, well done!

    And very happy you came by

  4. WOW!! I am so jealous of you guys now!! Meeting all those fabulous authors and receiving so many books! Happy reading!

  5. Oh, flakey flakey me ... this above is from me, Adele Griffin (The Julian Game) ... in case there are other Adeles in your blogging, reading, curricular, and extracurricular life, and I should never assume I am it.

    I will have to up my game for ALA loot, tho I got a bit-- mostly pkbks for my 2 yr old :)

  6. @Adele I personally did not get THE JULIAN GAME. So very sad :( Andye - lucky girl, got it. Very jealous. I, like you on my last day got a bunch for my kids ages 8 - 12, there are three of them. It was Christmas in June for my house today!

  7. So fun! You guys look like you had an amazing time. Super jealous.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I envy you, deeply, in a very good way! =)
    I wanna go to the next one!!!!

  9. OMG I've never seen such a great sight in my life hahaha

    so incredibly awesome, If I ever go to a book convention like that I swear I'll pass out the minuthe I walk through the door.

    You're so lucky!


  10. Your photos are freakin' awesome!
    Happy Reading. And, as I said on Twitter - you're so lucky. I wish I had known earlier about ALA10. It'd have been the perfect gift for my 13th bday (this Saturday, on July 3 :D), going there...
    But, anyway, I hope I'll go to ALA11.
    All the books look great, and I've read the synopsis for most of them, so I hope you'll enjoy 'em all ;).


  11. Ho-ly-crap! I've never seen such a pile of books before!!

    P.S. I adore JLB!

  12. Wow! Looks like so much fun and you sure got a LOT of books! Me, I would have jotted down the titles and looked them up at the library--I'm cheap and we don't have the space for so many books

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  13. Thanks all!! We had such a great time!!

    @Karen all the books are Advanced Reading Copies, so they were all free! Yeah, we're cheap too!!

  14. Great site! My son is only (almost)4, so we don't need this quite yet...but it's nice to know there are other people concerned with what their kids are doing!
    Stopping in frim SITS!

  15. What an incredible adventure. I can't believe how young all those authors are!


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