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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3

Yes, I know this is a book blog, but it's MY book blog and I can write about movies if I want to!  :)

Today we went to see Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 Original Movie Poster Advance Characters

Toy Story 1 and 2 have been two of my family's favorite movies of all times!  I honestly think they are the best animated movies ever made.  Recently I went to see Shrek 4 and I was utterly disappointed.  It was such a waste of time and money, so I was kind of nervous about Toy Story 3.  How could it possibly live up to the others?  

Toy Story 3 - Woody Buzz Lightyear 11x17 Poster

Well, it not only lived up to the hype, it totally exceded my expectations!  I loved this movie!!  Loved!  I am amazed at the way they have been able to consistently come up with original ideas with hysterical dialog and moving storylines.  I almost feel like these were my own childhood toys.  I've grown to love them as much as any toy that I actually owned!  I laughed and believe it or not, I almost cried 3 different times!  Go see this movie!  You don't have to have the excuse of having kids, just go see it (there were more adults in the theater than kids!)  Toy Story 3 is an instant classic!!

Oh!  And just wait until you meet Buzz's new alter-ego...
6 out of 6

And it's absolutely clean!

Check out this Toy Story 3 Featurette!


  1. I just got home from seeing that movie and I loved it so much.

  2. I just got back from seeing it earlier today and I absolutely loved it! I also got a bit teary eyed at times. I had to hold back cuz I didn't want to full out start bawling... like a few other people did. I can't wait to finally own all three movies.

  3. In my opinion, this was the BEST Toy Story movie! I absolutely loved it and am amazed at the creativity of the writers. I laughed and I cried!

  4. I loved this movies so much too! I cried at the end of it... I want to go see it again!!!


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