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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vampires Vs. Werewolves ~ Which side on you on? by Amy

It has become an age old question throughout history, Vampire or Werewolf? It really couldn't be both because if they were in a fight to the death, defending your honor, you would have to choose a side, RIGHT? I thought we would take a look at my top ten movies throughout cinema history and see how vampires/werewolves have change. From fanged teeth, a black cape sleeping in a coffin with bats hanging on the ceiling to a young pretty boy who sparkles, goes to high school and can hear your thoughts. As far as werewolves are concerned they are all pretty ugly when they turn due to the massive amount of hair, teeth and claws.


10.  Dracula                                             Dracula (75th Anniversary Edition) (Universal Legacy Series)

9.   Twilight                                                Twilight (The Twilight Saga)

8.   Bram Stockers Dracula                   Bram Stoker's Dracula

7.   Interview With A Vampire                 Interview with the Vampire

6.   The Lost Boys                                 The Lost Boys (Two-Disc Special Edition)

5.   From Dusk Till Dawn                        From Dusk Till Dawn (Dimension Collector's Series)

4.   Blade                                                 Blade (New Line Platinum Series)

3.  Blade Trinity                                        Blade - Trinity (New Line Platinum Series)

2.  Underworld                                          Underworld Trilogy (Underworld / Underworld: Evolution / Underworld: Rise of the Lycans)

1.  Van Helsing                                         Van Helsing (Widescreen Edition)


10.  New Moon                                     The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)    

9.   The Wolfman                                    The Wolfman

8.  Blood and Chocolate                          Blood & Chocolate

7.   Wolf                                                  Wolf

6.   The Howling                                       The Howling (Special Edition)

5.  Bad Moon                                          Bad Moon

4.  Silver Bullet                                        Silver Bullet

3.   An American Werewolf in Paris          An American Werewolf in Paris

2.   Underworld Evolution                        Underworld - Evolution (Widescreen Special Edition)

1.   Underworld                                       Underworld (Widescreen Special Edition)

So those are my picks. My top ten Vampire/Werewolf movies. I'm not sure if I can say of all time, there are dozens I have not seen. I personally think Brad Pitt from Interview With a Vampire is my favorite blood sucker and Scott Speedman in the Underworld Trilogy is my favorite hairy body with big-meaty-claws fanged macho man.

I have never really been able to see what the fuss is all amount with the Twilight Saga, I mean the main male character hottie SPARKLES. I really think it's getting worse with each movie. Pretty soon we wont be able to see Edwards face, he'll look like one big diamond. Jacob on the other hand, well is pretty much perfection I would have to admit. I'm definitely Team Jacob (why do I feel stupid saying that?)...

As far as books I have only read one vampire series. Thirst 1 & 2 by Christopher Pike. It was OK. very gory and lots of sexual content. I plan on reading the Twilight Saga someday, it's on my TBR list. I just checked out Peeps and The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld, they look promising for vampire books. I will have a review for you soon, I hope.

The Dark DivineI love the werewolf books I've read, though. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, The Dark Divine by Bree  Despain. This one is really good, love the cover...  

    Here are just a few things to consider, although they are not the final word, and are, obviously, open to conjecture. by Horrorphile 



~ They are immortal
~ They choose their victims specifically, often with intent
~ They are famous for their dark charm and seduction technique


~ They are undead
~ They are nocturnal
~ They rely on drinking blood for survival



~ They are hot-blooded with animal instincts
~ They are not afraid of sunlight
~ Some species of lycanthrope can transform at will


~ They carry a curse
~ Most are governed by the phase of the moon
~ They are bestial by nature

So in conclusion... comment on which side your on and why. Tell me your favorite wolf or vamp!
If I get at least 30 comments I will send one lucky person a poster of either JACOB or EDWARD, you decide.

By Amy ( Aaronswoman )

Edward getting punched by The Count. Funny.


  1. I like all your picks! I'd have to add Lupin to the warewolf side tho! :) I really liked the movie Wolf with Jack Nicholson and Michelle Phiefer (sp?) And, of course Interview with a vampire. As far as books go, I'm going to have to stick with Twilight. It just is the best written vampire/warewolf book, and they are both gorgeous and awesome (in the book.....only Jacob is in the movie).

  2. Well, favorite Werewolf novel I would have to say right now Nightshade...and favorite vampire, Seers of Light - LOVED the Vamps in that one...for books that is.

    Though Twilight will always hold a special place in my's just special, it's wonderful characters turned me back on to reading, and for that I will always be grateful!

    I love your picks, I have not seen MANY of the werewolf movies on your list, and The Underworld looks good!!!

  3. I haven't read Nightshad or Seers of Light. I'll have to look up Seers of Light. Of course I'm dying to read Nightshade when I can get my hands on it! I'm reading Paranormalcy right now, and I'm really enjoying it. It has vamps and werewolves in it, but they aren't the main focus. It's really good, tho!

  4. Great post. I liked American Werewolf in London was my first werewolf encounter. I am on the Vampire side. Forever.

  5. I'm vampire... I can't be werewolf team when Brad Pitt and Robert are vampires!!!
    But Taylor as Jacob is great too... I have to keep repeating to myself: he's under age, he's under age... lol
    Great post! =)

  6. WEREWOLVES!!!!! *durf!* Jacob and Sam are there.... =)

  7. I would have to choose werewolves. They have danger lurking under the surface that may surface at any moment.

  8. I would go with the werewolf. I think one of my alltime favorite movies is a werewolf in london. I like that they mate for life.

  9. Those are great picks! Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of my fav. vamp films ever, as is The Lost Boys and From Dusk til Dawn! I love the Underworld series too, and really enjoyed Lucien's movie the most.

    Some of my fav vamp books are:
    *I am Legend by Richard Matehson (don't let the recent movie persuade you - they are very different!) (Horror)
    *Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost (PNR)
    *Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (PNR)

    Some of my favorite were series:
    *Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn (UF)
    *Shifters series (were cats) by Rachel Vincent (UF)

    And I, too, adore the Twilight saga, but I can't call them my favorite vampires because they are just so far removed from the traditional vampire tale. But they work well for the wolves...very well. :)

  10. I prefer vampire books. My favorites are the Twilight saga and the House of Night series.

  11. I've never understood why vampires and werewolves just can't get along already!

  12. I am on the werewolf side. My favorite werewolf movie is an american werewolf in london.

  13. I would probably choose a drama or true-life story over vampires or werewolves ;). I did love the Lost Boys though, although that was many moons ago. Getting somewhat squeamish with age.

  14. I choose Vampires. I love the power they have to get people to do what they want. They are very seductive.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  15. I'm on team werewolf! I love them because they're warm and cuddly! :)

  16. Oh, two mentions of An American Werewolf in London...I'll have to check that out!

    Plus, I've heard from someone else about I Am Legend. Now I want to read it! Like my TBR pile isn't big enough already....

  17. vampiressss all the way! and brad looks so yummy!


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