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Thursday, August 19, 2010

ARC Review: Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Paperback: 480 pages

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books (September 18, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0340893613

ISBN-13: 978-0340893616

Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches

Shipping Weight: 10.6 ounces

Incarceron's sequel Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Finn has escaped from the terrible living Prison of Incarceron, but its memory torments him, because his brother Keiro is still inside. Outside, Claudia insists he must be king, but Finn doubts even his own identity. Is he the lost prince Giles? Or are his memories no more than another construct of his imprisonment? And can you be free if your friends are still captive? Can you be free if your world is frozen in time? Can you be free if you don't even know who you are? Inside Incarceron, has the crazy sorcerer Rix really found the Glove of Sapphique, the only man the Prison ever loved. Sapphique, whose image fires Incarceron with the desire to escape its own nature. If Keiro steals the glove, will he bring destruction to the world? Inside. Outside. All seeking freedom. Like Sapphique.

Reviews from Amazon... As you can see this book gets rave reviews...

'... displays all of her usual strength of imagination ... she is simply too good to miss.' -- Independent '... stands out above all others. Its imaginative scale and gobsmacking finale make it one of the best fantasy novels written for a long time.' -- Times, Amanda Craig 'one of today's best fantasy writers ... a deliciously dark and scary ride.' -- Independent '... imaginative, rich in texture and vividly realised. Catherine Fisher writes with consummate skill and depth of feeling.' -- The Bookseller 'One of this year's most striking fantasy novels' -- Amanda Craig, The Times PRAISE FOR THE ORACLE SEQUENCE:'... a rich, resonant conclusion to the series.' -- Booklist - May 06 'Vivid, complicated, and thoroughly engrossing, this fast paced adventure keeps readers avidly turning pages until the majestic conclusion.' -- Horn Book Review May/June 06 '... an intoxicating world reminiscent of the Arabian Nights. Highly recommended.' -- The Bookseller 'suspense is constantly built ... rattles along at a dizzying pace ... next volume please.' -- School Librarian 'A crisp, quick-moving narrative and fully fleshed out characters will keep readers hooked' -- Publisher's Weekly 'A powerful and very exciting adventure story.' -- School Library Journal '... one of the most skilled and original writers currently working in young adult fantasy' -- New Welsh Review 'Beautifully imagined and realised, this novel of future regression is rich with strong characters, big issues and a compelling plot. It is a barnstorming piece of serious fantasy that doesn't put a foot wrong.' -- The Bookbag 'Catherine Fisher is an artist with words ... An engrossing, intricate story of an extraordinary journey undertaken by richly imaginative characters' -- Carousel 'a deliciously dark and scary ride.' -- Nicholas Tucker, The Independent 'a deep and sophisticated adventure story' -- Write Away '... wholly engaging and rushes along as a breathless and nail-biting pace ... a gripping read that should enthral both young and old fans' -- Buzz 'the most cleverly compels and fascinating novel for teenagers I have read since His Dark Materials.' -- School Librarian

So what did I think about this book???

I was kinda on the fence with this one. I really wanted to love this book. I enjoyed Incarceron. I wanted more out of Sapphique though. I really need romance and tons of things going on.

The world that Catherine Fisher surrounds you in, in both Incarceron and Sapphique is one that is so imaginative and never-ending. That is what I really liked about Sapphique, is the dream world, the prison of Incarceron. In my opinion that is the main attraction of this book, the prison. It is such a character in itself. You will really lose yourself in this world of this steel and secrets, Fisher really has outdone herself, she has a wonderful imagination.

Finn, Claudia, Kerio and Attia are the main characters in this sequel. I was somewhat frustrated between Finn and Claudia. What I was looking forward to was the chemistry and romance between the two of them. There was no chemistry and very little romance. It made me sad, very disappointing. I really feel it could have pushed this book over the top. Kerio and Attia had some nail-biting close calls within the prison and I really liked the chemistry between the two of them. So maybe that evened things out somewhat.

The action sequences in this book were pretty good, fun to read. I really can't express to you enough how cool the world of the prison was. Everyone had to fight, beg, borrow and steal just to survive in this prison world. It really made for an interesting read. I just needed some romance. I just feel Catherine Fisher missed a really good opportunity between Claudia and Finn. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a reader. Maybe that was not her vision.

Most of all, this was a good book. Very creative, deep and layers and layers of detail. You really will not be sorry or disappointed if you start this series. I'm sure most of you will not even miss the non-romance/non-chemistry between Finn and Claudia. Everything else made up for it!!!


*A word to the parents... this book was extremely clean. For full content GO to Parental Book Reviews


  1. I just finished Incarceron and am looking forward to Sapphique and will probably be disappointed about no romance between Claudie and Finn too.

  2. Really? No romance between them? But I was POSITIVELY SURE, after finishing Incarceron, that the author had saved all the romance for Sapphique! That will be a down point...
    Still, I must know what will happen!
    There's a third book, right? Do u have any info about it, like name, etc etc?
    Thank you!!! =)

  3. OK. girls I said very little romance with NO chemistry. I needed more. That's all. It was a pretty good book anyway. I know I'm picky, I need that perfect mix of everything.

  4. I hadn't read Incarceron yet, so I think I'll start with that. Your review has convinced me to start the series. Yay!

    Kind of disappointing to hear that there is no romance at all. :( If there's a third book, is there a slim possibility? At least I know what I'm up for!

    Thanks for a great review.

  5. I haven't read sapphique yet but I'm breaking my head when you say kiero and attia have a connection what do you mean. Is it in a romantic way or in I'm your friend way?


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