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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reading Clean Spotlight

We at Reading Teen are excited to bring to you a new series we are starting called "Reading Clean Spotlight"!  We love and appreciate all authors, but we want to give a little extra recognition to those authors and books that manage to not only be phenomenal reads, but have also accomplished that difficult task without the use of excessive language and sexual content.   Although there are many out there who don't mind these elements in books, we have heard, overwhelmingly, from those who are looking for great books that are free of those things.  

We will be focusing on one book, for a couple of weeks at a time, and will hopefully be able to offer exciting things associated with the book we're spotlighting.  Things like book reviews, author interviews, vlogs (maybe even cooking vlogs featuring food from the book), and of course giveaways!  

If there's a clean read that you would like us to spotlight, or if you're an author who would like us to feature your book, email us at ReadingTeen1 at

For a list of books we've featured so far, click here.  We hope you enjoy this feature!

Andye, Amy, Kit, Abigaile, & Austin

If you're interested in checking book content before you read the YA book you're looking at, Check out to see if we've read it!


  1. Great idea! This will definitely help those who are looking for clean reads.

    I have not yet read Paranormalcy though.

  2. this is definitely appreciated. thank you!


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