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Thursday, September 2, 2010

HALF MOON By Jordan Deen OFFICIAL Cover Tour

Contest is now closed!

You should be coming from...

#4 blog in the cover tour... 

I'm excited about HALF MOON by Jordan Deen! The sequel to The Crescent.

 Are you ready for the scavenger hunt??? 

Are you ready to find the key to open the treasure chest???

The prize pack will include:      
Half Moon Swag 
$25 B&N Gift Card
Jewelry Box
A USB Camera/Video recorder

Here are the rules to participate and find the "key" to open the treasure chest and win this really awesome prize pack... 

1. You will need to go to all fourteen blogs in order to retrieve the key word.

Jordan Deen
2. You must follow Reading Teen's blog and Jordan Deen's blog. Go to and click the "log in with Facebook" tab on the upper right side. That's the easiest way to do it. :) You have to be a 'member' in order to access exclusive content.

3. You must comment on our blog and Jordan's.

4. You must retrieve the two words from the 'Half Moon' excerpt (BELOW) in order, from all the blogs, to form the entire sentence

5. You must send Jordan Deen an email at:  with your name, email and the sentence made up from all the words you collected from all the fourteen blog sites.

Once you have commented on each of the blog sites, and Jordan's, and also email her with the key sentence you will officially be entered to win the "treasure chest"--

Chapter 2 Half Moon by Jordan Deen:          

“Not all people in the pack transform?”

“No, not everyone is chosen. Only the ones that mate actually transform. You don’t know if you are going to actually change until you meet that person. Now, it’s a tradition that all the members who aren’t mated come to hold any newborns so they can find out if they will carry the legacy or not.”

“How did Dillon mate with you after he mated with someone else?”

“I don’t know. His dad, Lucas, and Michael never figured it out. They were afraid Dillon would die, but when he turned eighteen he transformed and didn’t come down with the sickness.”

“The sickness?” I threw a much larger rock into the stream—it sank pretty much like my attempt to understand the point of her story.

“Yeah, that’s what happens to bonded werewolves that are abandoned before the full union of transforming can be made. There is no cure.”

I almost didn’t want to ask, but I had to. “What happens to them? I mean, do they really die?”

Here is the next blog on the map: 

This is an AMAZING prize pack! HAVE FUN and Good Luck!!!!

~ Amy  ReadingTeen2

*** If you have NO idea what I'm talking about and would like to enter this contest anyway... FEEL FREE!!! Just start at  Jordan Deens website ( and then GO to the #1 blog  (1 of 14)

Here is the full line up of blogs (in order) (just in case you get lost) participating in this AMAZING contest...

P.S. Might I add... FOLLOW all of the blogs, they are very current and informative.

  1)  Lynsey N. ( Twitter: @LynseyNewton
  2)  Jessica E. (  Twitter: @Totalbookaholic
  3)  Heather (  Twitter: @FireandIcePhoto
  4)  Amy ( Twitter: @ReadingTeen2
  5)  Sherry S. (  Twitter: @Ssalach21
  6)  Monica S. (  Twitter: @Bibliophilicboo
  7)  Courtney Rae (  Twitter: @CourtneyyRae
  8)  Alex B ( Twitter: @ABennettBooks
  9)  Amy Stewart (  Twitter: @AmysSimpleLove
10)  Amy Jacobs (   Twitter: @StuffdBookshelf
11)  Danielle B. (  Twitter: @DanielleBunner
12)  Jami (  Twitter: @YAAddict
13)  Audrey S. ( Twitter: @DesertLioness91
14)  Jessica S. (


  1. The sickness, sounds sad. Poor werewolf.

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