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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Getting Ready For Beautiful Darkness Release Day... Come SEE!

So Beautiful Darkness is coming to a bookstore near you October 12, 2010. I have been very excited to spotlight this book this month along with Beautiful Creatures.

A LOT has happened this month, not only has the sweetest authors ever, Kami and Margaret sent us swag and signed posters, but, also as you may have heard we won the Caster Girls contest for the premiere of the Beautiful Darkness trailer. It will only be premiered on Reading Teen.

Our SecondHand Saturday question this week ask you to comment on either Beautiful Creatures review or Beautiful Darkness depending on how much you've read, here are some of your comments...

From Beautiful Creatures:

Jessica said...

Now I definitely have to add this book to my TBR list. It sounds amazing! Thanks for the great review. You've got me sold.

Enbrethiliel said...

I'm glad that the Second Hand Saturday challenge asks us to revisit this review. I've recently read Fallen by Lauren Kate and Beautiful Creatures seems so much like it. Not that that's a turn-off for me . . .

One of my current fascinations is what I call the "neo-Gothic" novel. I'd really like to read Beautiful Creatures to check out how its authors make the same conventions work and what twists they put into it.

So thanks again, Reading Teen team! =)

Jeremy West said...

Awesome review! I absolutely loved BC and I loved BD even more!!

*One of my favorites...

jen7waters said...

I keep stumbling across this book (series), and for some crazy reason I still haven't add it to my wishlist. This is it. I'm adding it. Right. Now.
Loved your review. I'm a sucker for non-cheesy yet intoxicating love stories and people with strange powers.
*runs to her wishlist*

From Beautiful Darkness:

yllektra (force-oblique) said...

OMG wow!!!

It sounds like this love is stuff of legends!!
Ethan sounds like the perfect male in any story! <333
I can't wait to get my hands on this book! XD

Jenilee Antonio said...

Great review! I just finished reading Beautiful Creatures and I liked it. I'm looking forward to read Beautiful Darkness! :)

I'm loving all your comments for SecondHand Saturday, be sure and click the link above to enter a chance to win a free book from our shelf.
And don't forget about the CASTER CONTEST we only have a couple of weeks left. I've been wanting to keep all the swag to myself, personally. But, I guess you've all earned a shot at the amazing prize packs... Good Luck!
Make sure you check back on release day... not only will we post our three winners but also we have other surprises in store.

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