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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Premiere of the Beautiful Darkness Trailer Contest!!! And Reading Teen Wants to Win!

Beautiful Darkness took me on a journey that I was not expecting. The Caster tunnels, the forest and the caves were all so well described and painted on paper, I felt like I could read the maps that Liv ( You'll meet her soon enough ) would hold and smooth out on the palms of her hand. Link was such a great best friend, Always there for Ethan and of course was funnier than ever. And Amma, made me miss my grandmother. She was the perfect mix of stubborn, protective and Don't-Even-Roll-Your-Eyes-at-Me-or-I'ma-Gonna-Beat-You-With-a-Stick type of love. You don't know whether to cry because your scared Amma really has a stick or smile because deep down she knows what's best.

You can read more of my Beautiful Darkness review here!

Well the wonderful ladies that wrote this book, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl are having this amazing contest where the blog winner gets to premier the new Beautiful Darkness trailer. And I know you know that I want this honor so bad it hurts.

Go to  for more info.

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For your chance to put the Premier trailer on your blog just go here to see the rules. (Personally, I would rather not tell you this information, but, I guess I need to play fair.)

Have you seen the NEW the LATEST Beautiful Creatures paperback trailer???

I thought this trailer was really good :)

Well wish us luck!!! Pay attention and RT our @castergirls tweets please, if you would like to help.


  1. I'll wish you guys luck. I really wanted to win... but I don't have facebook and twitter. So for those who do have twitter and such would have a bigger shot at winning. So GOOD LUCK! It would be awesome if you won.

  2. Well, If I don't win, I hope you guys do. If I won, it would really put me on the map. Check out my blog
    You can check out what I had to say about Beautiful Creatures. Good luck to you guys. After all the contests and things you giveaway, it would be nice for you guys to win something too.

  3. Good luck!!!!!! :) It will be awesome if you win.


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