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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reading Clean Spotlight: SEA by Heidi R. Kling & Giveaway

It's time for our next Reading Clean Spotlight book!  We're really excited to Spotlight Heidi Kling's debut novel SEA!

Kit read SEA a couple of months ago and fell completely in love with it!  She's been pushing it on all of her friends and relatives, and now we're happy to announce that she's pushing it on you too!  :D  Here's her review:

    • Sea
        • Reading level: Young Adult

      • Hardcover: 336 pages
      • Publisher: Putnam Juvenile (June 10, 2010)
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-10: 0399251634
      • ISBN-13: 978-0399251634

    Sea By: Heidi R. Kling

    Summary: Sienna Jones has had a hard time dealing with the loss of her mother three years ago in a plane crash over the Indian Ocean.  Nightmares and fears of the ocean and planes haunt her.  So when her father asks Sienna to join his international relief team for two weeks of her summer vacation to help tsunami orphans cope with their losses, she thinks he must be kidding, or crazy, or both.  But wanting to help wins out over her fears, and she makes the long and frightening trek to Indonesia.
        What she finds there is the most handsome boy she's ever seen-Deni.  He's mysterious and brooding.  Everything about him and the way Sienna feels about him is intense.  Their connection is instant and true, so when he hears word that his father may have survived the awful tsunami after all, Sienna doesn't hesitate to run away with him to the epicenter of the tsunami disaster.  She knows about the kind of hope that's driving Deni, and she wants to see him through whatever he'll find back home.  She knows they're taking a huge risk, but she doesn't expect what they find might break both their hearts... 
    My Review: One word: Extraordinary.  I have never loved a book so much, I have never been so amazed by an author, and I have never been so moved by a story.  Sea is unlike any book I have ever read. It has so much suspense, love, and adventure in all the right places. The entire background of the story is true which is, I think, what made it so real for me. It is so intense, but then intertwined in the intensity is a love story woven together so seamlessly, I couldn't help but believe it.  Sea is my favorite book.  Of all time.  No exceptions. I will never forget this book, no matter how many more I read, and I will routinely go back, re-read this book, and re-live this flawless story of life, love, sacrifice, and surprise.  

    Heidi has been gracious enough to provide us with a signed SEA poster for a giveaway! If you would like to be entered for a chance to win, fill out this form!  International, ends 11/7.

    12 out of 6

    Parents need to know: This book has mild language, mild sexual content, and a tiny bit of violence and some other. See the content here.


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