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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A short story from Drew over at Reading Tween... read if you dare!

My son Drew, wrote a short story for "Thinkin' Thursday" over at Reading Tween today and I thought it was so good, I wanted to share it with all my friends at Reading Teen. ENJOY :O)

~ Amy

Wednesday, 6:02AM. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I wake to sound of my alarm, stupid thing. It's dark outside, I hop out of bed, slip some pants on. I lazily do some important business like brushing my teeth, while making my bed, and then I go downstairs. My mom is cooking eggs again, AGAIN? I hate eggs. Every morning mom makes eggs, and she says I have to eat every single yellow, mushy, flavor-less, horrid, moist bite. I choke the food down, get my lunch bag (wonder what's in it), grab my back pack, and stuff the brown bag of mysteries into the orange big sack that sticks to my back for the rest of my miserable day.

I head outside, it's 7:01am. It's daylight outside, soon the bus arrives. I pick up my brightly colored bag, (mom doesn't want me getting hit by a car, so she put orange duct tape in random spots on my bag) kids are bending over laughing there guts out, I wonder what it is? I start tearing the duct tape off of my bag, the laughing got louder, as the duct tape starts sticking to my clothes, even my hair. jeez. I look at them meanly as they step up the bus steps one by one, then the doors start to close slowly. I yell at the big, yellow monstrosity, but it's no good. The bus's wheels start moving. I start running behind it, I have already ran about a block when I look to my right, I realize that path looks familiar. Oh...that's my old secret path that leads to the back of the school. I run down the path, and while my side cramps during this wild and crazy situation, I spot a lizard that has black and brown stripes on the fallen down tree just by the small creek. What? It didn't look poisonous or anything bad like that, so I stuck it in my pocket and ran the rest of way down the trail. Near the end of the pathway there was a barbed wire fence blocking my way. Some high schoolers from downtown are infecting the area. One guy had a brown baseball cap on, the other kid had major acne, he was staring straight at me. Odd, he didn't seem to notice me. I throw the lizard at Mr. pizza face (poor lizard, he really didn't deserve that) the teenagers just stood there for a minute screaming like dying coyotes. I ran past them and right to the front door of school.

What now? What the heck is that smell? It's REALLY strong, I mean it reeks! I bend down to checkout my left shoe. Nothing. I look under my right shoe. Man! I stepped in deer crap. I must have walked through deer territory when sneaking up on the high schoolers. I scrape it off onto the nearest staircase, and then rub my shoe into a conveniently placed puddle of H20. Hey look there's the bus! Kids all in my class quickly start piling out. I spot my best friend Tom. He always wears the same plaid shirts and khakis his mom buys him, how he gets away with the black lace-up boots with that outfit is beyond me. He is really funny and a faithful, stick-by-your-side-no-matter-what kind of friend. He runs up to me, "hey dude, howdidja get here so fast?" said Tom panting. "The path" I said, "ohhhhhhh..... so that's how" tom barely got out "Yep" I interrupted.

While it seemed like days... fours hours later it was lunch time. I sat down at the table way in the back, really far way from the football team and even further away from the marching band. Hesitantly, I pull the brown sack out of my back pack, orange duct tape still in pieces everywhere. I prayed that it wasn't eggs or broccoli (icky-yuck-barf) slowly, heart pounding, I open it. Inside was an egg and cheese sandwich..... I sat in a very long silence while contemplating a trade... so I asked tom if we could swap lunches, "Well.... I havea pasta-broccoli salad, would you mind that?" Tom says excitedly, hoping for something better himself. Tom knows I don't like broccoli. "Well, at least it's not near as bad as egg and cheese." he says convincingly. "I still like cheese, but..." I say, "Hey, kid. Wait. What's your name?" interrupts Diana, she's such a spoiled brat, a.k.a the popular pretty girl! "I don't know?" I say sarcastically mimicking her tone, as Tom snickers. Diana gives him the death-stare. Actually, I thought, my name is Robert, but Diana never cared and hasn't known my name for two years. Pretty sweet huh? Tom just gives her the same death stare right back, like I said, best friend ever! She leaves muttering the conversation through her teeth, which makes me happy that she's mad!

Well, when school was over, I got off the bus, and my mom was on the porch. I went inside to eat some dinner. I'd call this a pretty satisfying day indeed. Tomorrow may be pretty similar to this great day. We'll see... what do you think my mom will put in my lunch sack?

Stay Tuned....

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