Google+ Reading Teen: Interview with SEA's Heidi R. Kling (and winner of the SEA poster)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview with SEA's Heidi R. Kling (and winner of the SEA poster)

This month's Reading Clean Spotlight was on SEA by Heidi R. Kling. SEA is Kit's favorite book and she was so excited to be able to ask Heidi a couple of questions. If you haven't checked out Kit's review, make sure you read it here.

Kit: What's the strangest thing someone has told you/asked about your book?
Heidi: Someone said on Goodreads that they were shocked Sienna wasn't sold into
white slavery in Aceh.

Kit: What was the most challenging scene to write?
Heidi: The bit toward the end. With Deni and the sea turtles. I cried during
every revision!

Kit: If you could steal any fictional character to put in your book who would
it be?
Heidi: Damon (Vampire Diaries). But that's just because I'd want to see Damon, not because he would fit into SEA at all. ;-)

Kit: Describe Sea in three words.
Heidi: Hope after tragedy.

Kit: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Heidi: But of course! Oh wait. You want to know what they are? I'll never tell.

Kit: I have to ask. What made you want to name Spider, "Spider," is that his real name, or a nickname?
Heidi: In the original draft, Spider was his nickname. His real name was Jesse. I
told a back story of why he got his nickname but lost it during the editorial process. Perhaps I'll dig it back up if we do a sequel. A SEAquel. Spiderquel?

Kit: What event for Sea was the most fun? Why's that?
Heidi: There's been so many great events! My launch party at Not Your Mother's Book Club was probably the most special because my whole family was there. Signing at ALA and Teen Author Carnival were both fantastic too. I love traveling and meeting my readers!

Thank you so much, Heidi, for the interview and for such a FANTASTIC book! We can't wait to read more from you.....and you shouldn't tease us about a SEAquel if you're not going to deliver...haha! So, we'll be waiting!

AND NOW....FOR THE WINNERS OF THE SIGNED SEA POSTER! (yes you heard right! Heidi sent us an extra poster, so we have TWO winners!!)




I will be contacting you through email! Thanks so much, Heidi for providing us with the posters!

If you haven't read SEA yet, what are you waiting for?


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