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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second Hand Saturday! A Book-A-Week Giveaway 27!


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-*Newly Added THE ETERNAL ONES ARC by Kirsten Miller
-*Newly Added GRACE ARC by Elizabeth Scott (signed to us)
-*Newly Added IMMORTAL BELOVED ARC by Cate Tiernan
-*Newly Added 13 LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPES by Maureen Johnson
-*Newly Added ROMEO & JULIET & VAMPIRES by Claudia Gabel
-*Newly Added THE DUFF ARC by Kody Keplinger
-*Newly Added SCARS by Cheryl Rainfeld (hardcover signed to Andye)
- Dark Song ARC by Gail Giles
- Ascendant ARC by Diana Peterfreund (signed to Andye)
- I am J ARC by Cris Beam
-Signed copy Photo Snap Shot by Joanna Cambell Slan (Book 3)
-Signed copy Cut, Crop and Die by Joanna Cambell Slan (Book 2)
-Signed Copy  Paper, Scissors, Death  by Joanna Cambell Slan (Book 1)
-*AUDIOBOOK Will Grayson, Will Grayson by Devid Levithan and John Green
-Amigas Fifteen Candles ARC by Veronica Chambers (inspired by Jennifer Lopez)
-The Oracle of Dating by Allison Van Diepen (PBR)(RT)
-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants hardback by Ann Brashares
-The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (Traveling Pants 2) hardback by Ann Brashares
Girls in Pants (Traveling Pants 3) hardback by Ann Brashares
-Forever in Blue (Traveling Pants 4) by Ann Brashares
-Glass by Ellen Hopkins hardback (review of Crank)
-The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce
-Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar
-You Know You Love Me (Gossip Girl 2) by Cecily Von Ziegesar
-All I Want is Everything (Gossip Girl 3) by Cecily Von Ziegesar
-Because I'm Worth It (Gossip Girl 4) by Cecily Von Ziegesar
-The Gossip Girl Prequel (hardback) by Cecily Von Ziegesar
-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (PBR) (RT)
-Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (PBR)
-The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein (PBR)
-The Lost Girls by Laurie Fox
-Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes (18 and over)
-What if....Everyone Knew Your Name (A Choose Your Destiny Novel) by Liz Ruckdeschel and Sara James
-The Riddle by Alison Croggon
-The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
-The Shack by William P. Young
-Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul:  The Real Deal by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen and Deborah Reber
-Excessively Diverted (The Sequel to Pride & Prejudice) by Juliette Shapiro
-The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
-Crunch Time by Mariah Fredericks
-Freckles and A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter
-Pride and Predjudice (Paperback) by Jane Austen
-Lord of the Flies (paperback) by William Golding
book 3 (hardback) by Douglas Adams
book 4 (hardback) by Douglas Adams

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Answer this question...ARE YOU GOING TO SEE HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS THIS WEEKEND?  Are you going to the midnight show?  Are you dressing up? Who is your favorite HP character?  We're so excited about it, we can hardly contain ourselves.


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  1. I am not going to see HP at all... I don't like watching movie adaptations of books I've read because I am always disappointed. I stopped watching HP after movie 3 because I hated it SO much. I decided that I didn't need to see the movie just because I read the book and I (and every one who has to listen to me complain about all the changes that they made) have been much happier since.

    I do hope that you enjoy the movie though!

  2. YES I am excited about HP! I am going to see it, but I am not dressing up. I can't wait!

    My favorite character would have to be Harry.

  3. Not going to see HP this weekend but if I went I would totally grab a white blanket and say I was an owl messenger since it us freezing out on the line here.

  4. I'm going to watch it but not the midnight premiere (school..ugh!) I'm really excited and I can't wait either...can you believe that it's almost over?

    - Unfortunately not. I wished I could though!

    Are you going to the midnight show?

    Are you dressing up?

    Who is your favorite HP character?
    - Ron Weasley!

  6. Uh, YES! I am planning on going to the midnight release, however, my sister left for college this year so I don't know if I'll be able to convince my mother to drive me (license in one year1 oh my geeze!). Haha, but I will defiantly be going opening day regardless of the time.

    I will not be dressing up, but my favorite character is, oh man... why can I not remember her name now (serious brain fart), the scary lady who goes "I killed Serious Black!" Don't ask me why, but I love her (well love to be scared pant less by her).

  7. I won't be able to watch it since I have exams!!
    Anyways, I wasn't so excited because the movie versions are not even half as good as the books.


  8. I'm not going to see HP. :( I'm so lost in this hype and I'm so behind! I'm not the type who delves into something right away. So what I must do is watch the very first movie and then go from there. :)

  9. I have not read any of the HARRY POTTER books and have only seen parts of the movies. So no, I will not be seeing it in the movie houses, maybe when it gets to TV . . .

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  10. I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies in theaters. I usually just wait for it to come out on DVD. Deathly Hallows looks super good though!

  11. I am going to watch Harry Potter 7 as soon as it is released here in the PI. My fave character is Ron. Haha. He's just so hilarious!


  12. Unfortunately no. But, after all the crowds vaccate my friend and I have plans to go. That way we get a nice quiet showing that we can really enjoy :)

    Wenj @ Black Lagoon Reviews


  13. +JMJ+

    Oh, dear. I'm afraid this answer might count against me . . .

    As a general rule (although I've made a few exceptions), I don't watch movies of books I haven't read first--and I haven't read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. In fact, I haven't read the last three HP books.

    *cue violins from Pyscho* (LOL)

    BUT in my defense now, let me say that I'm planning a HUGE HP read/reread for December, and I'll definitely be getting to everything I've missed during that time. =) And who knows? If I'm quick enough about it, I'll get to watch the movie before Christmas! =D

  14. I am definately going to see it!
    My favourite character would have to be Luna Lovegood, she's just too awesome for words. Luna and then Ron. :)

  15. I'm not going to see Harry Potter at the cinema but will wait for its dvd. It's hard to pick out the most favorite character from the books but I like Fred and George for their humor. In the movie I just love Luna Lovegood so much. She really has a clear personality, so different from what I've imagined when reading books.

  16. I'm going at Nov.18th at 9pm to watch it. We will be 15 people (maybe more will be added fact, most if us will have problem to get back at their homes since there are no busses or train at midnight(where the movie ends) in the middle of the week.Yay!
    I'm not dressing up since i don't have any HP clothes.
    My all time HP fav char is Sirius Black of course.

  17. I'm excited about the movie, too & I can't wait to see it :) But, I won't see it this weekend, 'cause it's not showing here, I don't know when will be, so I'll have to wait longer :( As for dressing up, I'm not really into it, actually no one does that here for the movies. My favorite HP character? I don't think I can choose one, I love them all :) but let's say the twins, Ron, Neville, Bella, etc... I know you'll love it & I hope you'll have lots of fun!!!

  18. Definitely going to see it this weekend, but with 4 boys to take with us, the midnight show is impossible. I would have to say my favorite character is Hagrid (sp?)... I totally relate to his love of critters :)

    the_happy_soul @

  19. I am hopefully going to see it opening day. But with school and sports, I don't thing I'll be able to go until the next week :( But I want to see that movie sooooooo bad!

  20. The plan is that we are going to go see it at midnight. we really want to go to the midnight show because we have never gone to one before. my favorite characters are the fred and george :)

  21. My goal is to so be see their Potter-nesses this weekend! But, I have been known to wait until during the week while the kiddos are in school. I'm sneaky like that. hehe

    I have only been to one midnight viewing of a Potter movie and alas, no one else wants to go with me anymore. :(

    No costume, just me, popcorn, and a coke.

  22. I don't know about this weekend but I am going to see it!! My favourite character from the books is Sirius and from the movies it's Ron.


  23. I will be seeing HP7. I won't be dressing up. Going to the midnight show is definitely a possibility.

  24. Argh! I really want to go and see HP but I can't this week! I can't wait to go and see it though; I don't think I'll dress up when I do haha
    My favourite character is definitely Harry.

    m-hussein at hotmail dot co dot uk

  25. I love the Harry Potter series but unfortunately I am not going because the kiddies are sick :( I am not dressing up I will leave that to them!!
    My favorite character would have to be Hagrid!!

    My Bloody Fairy Tale

  26. I won't be seeing HP this weekend; however, I will be going with the fam over Thanksgiving. Can't wait either! While I love the books much more, its always fun to see a good book portrayed on the big screen. (Even if it doesn't really live up to the book) But I think overall they've adapted the books pretty well. There will be absolutely no dressing up though. My favorite character would have to be Snape, especially after we learn his history. :o)

    britneywyatt [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. I'm going to see it probably on Saturday or during Thanksgiving break :D Am SO excited though :D I probably won't dress up, but my friend will :)

  28. I am not going to see Harry Potter. I have never read any of the books or seen any of the movies. Please enter me in contest.

  29. What?? It's opening this weekend, where have I been?? LOL I probably wont see it this weekend with Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas. I have money to save, three kids and an never ending brood of nieces and nephews. Plus, my daughters birthday is two day's after christmas, I will most likely wait till it comes out on video and buy it. We don't go to the movies much, at 10 bucks a ticket with 5 of us, I can spend less and wait to get it on dvd.

  30. Yes! I'm actually going to a special showing BEFORE the midnight showing on Nov 18th and I'm super excited about it! I took the day off from work and everything. I can't wait!

    I won't be dressing up, only because I don't a costume or anything from the HP world, but I might fix that for Part 2.

    And my favorite character is Luna. We'd totally be best friends. I just know it. =)

  31. I'm not too sure if I'm going to see it this weekend, with work and all, but I'm going to see it in theatres for sure! I'm so excited! I could easily dress up, since I was Ginny Weasley for Halloween (complete with the tie, her wand, and of course her broom)And my favourite character would have to be Neville Longbottom! He's great!

  32. I sooooooooooo hope it is better than Half-Blood Prince! I was very disappointed in that movie. It's my fav of the books and the movie didn't stand up to the emotion or storytelling, one bit! I am excited to see this though. I will probably go on Sunday during matinée to save money. :)

  33. I`m not going to watch it this weekend. The reason is simple - I`m from from Bulgaria and we have to wait a bit longer to see the movie. Anyway, I`m not dressing up, although I AM exited.

    Anita Metodieva

  34. I won't be going this weekend because it doesn't come out yet in my country but I'm really excite about it! Can't wait! I might be going to the midnight showing but I won't dress up.
    I think my favorite character is Hermione :)

  35. I am not going to see Harry Potter because sadly I am going out of town. But my favorite character would have to be Ron! <3

  36. Yes, yes, YES! Of course I'm going. Not at midnight because I have school the next day but I'll be going opening day. I'm thinking about maybe dressing up :)
    And my favourite character is Harry :D

  37. I AM SO EXCITED FOR POTTER!!!!!!! I hopefully plan on going to the premiere in NYC, but lets see how that goes. I think it's going to be CRAZY! My favorite character is Draco Malfoy or Hermione Granger.

  38. Just linked up to my own Secondhand Saturday :)

    -Kelsey Sutton

  39. I am going to see HP next weekend, Sunday. The tickets were all sold out...

    I won´t dress up, and my boyfriend is going with me. :)

    magabygc @

  40. OMG I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!!! =)
    I'm going to watch HP on Saturday afternoon! No midnight shows for me, I have to work on Friday... =(
    And I wish I could dress up but when you're 26 people laugh at you! =(
    My favorite characters are Ginny and Snape.

  41. Well, I will see the midnight show for harry potter, its my obsession! (Actually, thats kinda scary,its just ONLY my favorite book!)The book was brilliant and from what i've seen in the trailers it looks really awesome so hopefully it lives up to the name! My favorite character? Hmm id have to say Hermoine. She does so much but is never appreciated for it! I guess its just me..

  42. I won't be going this weekend, because long lines are not very fun, but I will be going in the near future! My fave HP character is Luna, because she's so adorable and spacey!

  43. I wanna go see HP, but probably not this weekend. I'll wait til it settles down a bit, or maybe I'll go on a Tuesday when it's cheaper.
    My favourite HP character, that's a tough one, there are so many good characters. I'd probably say Hermione though, I mean who doesn't love Hermione, even if she is a bit of a know-it-all. ;)

    Thanks for the Secondhand Saturday :)
    ♪♫ Ambur

  44. I'm gonna do see it in the release day! *-* After my classes i'm gonna to see with my mom and some friends XD

    YEY! HP! *-*

  45. Definitely going to go see HP. I finally got my husband to watch all the movies with me and he likes them so I be dragging him along with me :)
    I won't be dressing up since most of my stuff is in boxes waiting to be moved.

    I would say Harry & Hermione are my favorites.


  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I am! I've had my ticket for the midnight release for the last two weeks. ^^ I'm going to be going dressed up as a Gryffindor student. I don't really have a "favorite favorite" character. I like everyone except for Ginny and Tonks. *squee so excited* ^^


  48. whoops, let's start over ^^

    I'm not going to see Harry Potter 7 this week-end because here in France we have to wait until November 24th to see it :( And here in my little town there is no event to celebrate it *double :(*
    But still I am so impatient : I can't wait !

    My favorite character ? Hard to choose... I feel close to all of them in different ways. I so much love this universe ! But if I had to say only one, I'd say Ron. Funny, cute, courageous and always ready for everything for his friends. Yeah... if it's only one, then it's Ron :)

  49. I really wanted to see it in the theater, but alas I'm driving up north for an early family Thanksgiving on Thursday, and the theater in my home town is not worth the cost with screens have the size of those here. I must see Harry Potter on the best screen that i can.
    And Harry is my favorite character.

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  50. Unfortunately I won't go to watch HP this weekend, because I live in Europe. No way around:/My fav character is... can't answer this, they're all great!Have fun watching HP!Tell us how it was?:)

  51. I AM GOING TO SEE HP THIS WEEKEND! We're going to the first showing on Sunday. We originally wanted to go to the midnight showing, but realized having to be at work at 8 THAT morning would cause an issue. I AM dressing up! And my favorite HP character is RON RON! :D

  52. I am ABSOLUTELY going to see the Deathly Hallows. My husband and I are avid HP fans. We even have HP tattoos!!! I just love this series to death. Granted the books are better, but the movies have been growing on me. I will be seeing it at midnight, no matter what it takes. Even though I work the next morning. YUCK! I won't be dressing up though. Not really my thing. My favorite character has to be Sirius. I was so sad when he was killed off. I did just re-read the Deathly Hallows. I completely forgot how much Harry grew up in that book. The last fight scene with Voldemort is just amazing. So Harry is a very close second :)

  53. I'm going to see it but not this weekend. I've got exams this week so my parents will prolly not going to allow me. No, 'cause I've no costume. My favorite characters are Luna Lovegood, and the trio.

  54. YES!!!! Actually, no. I won't be seeing it on the weekend. I'll be seeing it Thursday. It opens a day early here in Australia, on the 18th. But if you take into account the time differences, technically we get it two days before the US. No, I'm not bragging, that would be cruel..... okay, maybe I am a little hehe. I can't get to the midnight screening so I'm going to the very first screening on the Thursday, no matter how early I have to get up!

    Sadly I won't be dressing up. Although I'd really like to for part 2. Maybe I'll go as the psychotic-Voldy-worshipping Bellatrix. Gives me a valid reason to be act like a psycho LOL.

    My favourite HP character? What kind of a question is that?? I can't choose!! Luna and Hagrid and Ron and awww Dobby *cries* and... and... Hermione and of course, Harry and the Weasleys and oh gosh, stop being so evil with these questions! I will never choose just one, never!

    Merlins pants, it's nearly upon us!! Bring on Thursday or Friday or Saturday or whenever you're going!!

  55. I am going to see HP but I am not in any rush. I wait until it calms down a bit :)

  56. No im not im not into it at all. But my daughter is s into it she waited for hours to get her ticket and has her costumes ready to go.

  57. No, it won't be showing in my part of the world for a while :(

  58. I will be seeing the movie, but just not this weekend. Most probably when the crowd has died down :)

  59. I'll probably end up seeing the new Harry Potter movie sometime next week. I haven't read the books but Hermione is my favourite followed by Harry then Ron.

  60. I'm not sure, but I sure hope I can!

  61. I'm excited about HP, but I won't be seeing it this weekend. I'll probably wait until Thanksgiving when I can see it with my family. I do like seeing how people dress up though!

  62. I am not going to see the Harry Potter movie. I haven't read the series and haven't gotten into the whole Harry Potter craze yet that's been going on. So no movie, no dressing up and no favorite character to share unfortunately.
    caliblue7 at gmail dot com

  63. I'm going to see the movie but not the weekend it comes out. I'll wait just a bit. I love love love Draco even tho he's such a bad guy. I think I like him because he goes through so much change in the book.

  64. Nope, I'm probably not going to see it over the weekend. I'm still really excited for the movie, but not that excited = ) Hope you guys like the movie!

  65. I'm going to see HP next weekend but im not dressing up. My favorite character is Hermoine.

  66. I will be at the midnight premiere! I'm so excited! I will be dressing up as Hermione probably. My favorite characters are Hermione and Professor McGonagall.

  67. I won't, because I'm in Australia and it's not here yet :( I'll be excited to see it once it's out here though! :) I've been waiting for this movie to come out for ages, probably since I read the book I suppose. I won't dress up though, because I probably won't see it until it's been out a while and it's easier to get seats. My favourite character is probably Ginny, I can definitely identify with her stubbornness.

    Kate1485 at

  68. Yes, I am, but unfortunetely, not on midnight. I think only on Sunday :(
    Dressing up only as a muggle, I'm afraid
    My favorite character... uuh, tough one, but I'd have to say Ron, he's SO much fun, and an amazing friend!

  69. I'm going to see it on November 19th, it's the opening day over here in Lithuania, and I'm going early in the morning, at 10.45, as the ticket is cheaper and there will be less people than in the evening. I expect about 30 people in the room or so.
    No, I'm not dressing up, it's not usual here. I wanted to wear a HP scarf, but I got this idea too late to knit the scarf in time for the movie.
    My favorite character is Harry.

    old follower

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  70. Yes I am going to see HP. I've always watched it on opening day. I don't think I'll go to the midnight showing though. I'm going to try to see it doing an early show before kids are out from school. I won't be dressing up though. It's just not my thing. As for my favorite character, it has to be Harry. I stuck with him until the very end.

  71. I'm definitely going to see the new HP movie - I love them! Probably not on the opening weekend though! And not dressing up, people don't do that where I live:P


  72. Are you going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend?
    I will not
    Are you going to the midnight show?
    Are you dressing up?
    Who is your favorite HP character?

  73. I love the books more than the films, but I am excited to watch this last one! It's just sad they miss out so much in the adaptations.
    I won't be going to a midnight viewing though, nor will I be dressing up. Lol, maybe for halloween, and maybe for part 2... but not during this british weather.
    Favourite character: Severus Snape! :D

  74. Myself, cousin, sister, and friend always going to the midnight showings so of course we are going this year! We made t-shirts to wear. We are planning on going to dinner beforehand and get there early to stand in line and get good seats! My favorite character is...Hermoine.


  75. I can't go this weekend. It has become a tradition for my son and I to go to the Harry Potter premiers together and he has a competition this weekend. I will have to wait until monday to go see it with him - but it works out great because monday is my son's 21st birthday!

    waitmantwillie at hotmail dot com

  76. I am planning on first reading all HP books and then watching all HP movies.
    xlacrimax at gmail dot com

  77. Not this weekend. No, I want to enjoy the experience without someone sitting in my lap. But soon. Oh, so soon!

  78. Unfortunately im not going to see HP...BUT i totally love Dobby!! He's pretty damn awesome=]
    I was a bit disappointed with the last one but hopefully this one will be better!

  79. My favourite : hermione .

    I will not go since i'm not in Us , in my country the debut is a little bit late

  80. ARGH! In my country the movie will only be out on July 15th... :(
    I might go to the midnight show if I manage to buy the "earlier tickets". I have a Hogwarts robe and wand I will be wearing, LOL. My favorite HP character is Sirius Black... too bad he's already dead O.o ... thanks, Rowling. >.>'


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