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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Entered one of Reading Teen's Contest lately?? Are you a winner?

Strand Bookstore Contest

First Place - Lauren M. from California (1st choice - choose 4 books)
Second Place - FI-Chan from Malaysia  ( 2nd choice - choose 3 books)
Third Place - Cass from Australia  (3rd choice - choose 2 books)
Fourth Place - Yara @Once Upon a Twilight from Texas  (4th choice - choose 1 book) The email address I have for you is not working, so email me ... amy[at]readingteen[dot]net

Strand bookstore Contest - You may see your choices here

*I will email you and let you know the choices of the winners ahead of you so you will know what's leftover.

Speak Giveaway

Michelle Jue

Zest Books Contest

Mindy Fangedmom 

Harry Potter Postcard Contest

Vivien  from Kansas
favorite HP movie - Order of the Phoenix
favorite character - Sirius Black
favorite scene - I love when Harry hears the Prophecy for the first time in The Order of the Phoenix. I even got the Prophecy tattooed on me :)   *WOW THIS FOLLOWER IS DIE HARD! LOVE IT!! SEND US A PIC!!!

*I will send emails to all the winners. If you do not get an email from us, then let us know. 


  1. THANK YOUU!! :D Never thought I would win anything..

  2. Congrats!!!

    OMG, Vivien! I want to see it! :0

  3. Thanks for contacting me about the wrong email.

    I just emailed you Amy.


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