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Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review and Author Interview: Half Moon by Jordan Deen


RT- I just have to know, team Alex or team Brandon?
 JD- that's like asking a parent to decide between twins. However, if faced with my own decision... it's Team Alex. 
RT- I'm assuming Biscuit gave you the inspiration for "Grant", that helps Lacey in such time of need. How were they similar?                                                     
 JD- Great question! Biscuit was such a protector. He guarded everyone in our household and always made me feel safe. We miss him dearly. 
  RT- During the popular fad of vampire YA books, what turned you on to the idea of werewolves?                           JD- Biscuit, actually. He wouldn't let me in my house one night and it made my mind go rampant that something bad was happening. The idea for the novel started off as a 'shifter' novel and ended up being about werewolves, exclusively. Go figure! 

 RT- I really liked Lacey's character in Half Moon, she has grown up so much since The Crescent. Were you at all like her, when you were that age?
JD- I see a lot of myself in Lacey- even today. Like most girls, I struggle with mind and heart decisions. Although, Lacey is much stronger than I could ever be in this situation.

RT- Without giving any spoilers away, do you have any idea what's in store for the final book in the trilogy?
JD- Yes. There will be more witches and more werewolf clans to come. Also, there will be several surprises including a few things about Serena, Brea and Lacey... ooohhhh is your mouth watering? I can't wait to share 'Full Moon' with everyone.

RT- How did you juggle motherhood while writing this sequel? 
JD- My son knows exactly what I'm doing when I pull out the laptop. He is so sweet and usually leaves me alone when I'm on a roll. He's even brought me snacks and water every now and then.

 RT- What was your favorite snack while writing Half Moon? 
JD- ALL SNACKS. :) Actually, no. I have several food allergies that I was recently diagnosed with. So, my favorite snacks recently has been tropical trail mix and rice crackers. Yes, I know it sounds boring, but it is super yummy.
RT- Do you have a ritual when writing?
JD- Read, Read, Read then write. I always read at least the previous chapter before I start writing again. I never write a story 'cold'. This doesn't work for everyone, but I don't like trying to start a scene without knowing what I just came out of. 

 RT- How do you approach writer's block?
JD- Writer's block can be particularly pesky. Most writer's will tell you to just sit down and write. I tried that in the beginning and sometimes it worked. Mostly, it didn't. Now, I step away from the manuscript and read something unrelated to get my head going. That doesn't mean this will always work for me, but it does the job for now!

RT- Did you always plan on writing a trilogy, when you started writing The Crescent? 
JD- Yes. The story and where it goes has been there since the night I thought of the idea. It was always intended to be a trilogy and a spin off novel about witches, although the spin off is not under contract at this time.

My Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jordan Deen. I absolutely LOVED Half Moon. I don't know what it is about your writing (probably just the pure genius of it!) but, I just feel like you were telling me the story and me only.  

When I first started reading Half Moon, I was angry that Alex was pretty much gone out of Lacey's life. Then, I became introduced and infatuated with Brandon all over again. Brandon is such a guy, a man's man. Lacey was having such a hard time, in the beginning of the book, being with her new werewolf family. She was sad, lonely, angry, confused, bitter and every other emotion that just plain sucks! I was really rooting for Brandon to pull her out of this rut/pity party. The times when Alex would show up and talk to Lacey in Half Moon, would tug at my heart... remembering the happy moments they shared together in The Crescent. But, then reality strikes. Oh, that's when I start talking to the characters (as if they can hear me), "Don't do it... Stop.  listening to him..." 
I think my favorite couple (bonded werewolves) were Catch & Brea. Catch seemed even stronger and bigger than Brandon (impossible) and Brea... well, reminded me of Andye. My BFF. I loved the way Brea was so trusting and had Lacey's back, no matter what! Brea was definitely my favorite. I had tears in my eyes when she reached around Lacey, grabbed Bailey's (witch with a B) hair and pulled her out of the room, so Lacey and Brandon could be alone. Brea just knew what Lacey needed. Like I said, as far as characters go, LOVE Brea and her faithfulness and support to Lacey.
There were a lot of characters in this book, Jordan made it very easy to read and understand, to keep up, just due to her writing. Jordan is one writer that makes you feel like your having an intimate conversation with the author, instead of just reading their work. I know it's silly, but few books make me feel like I could sit down, have dinner with the author, and feel like I've known her for years. (I promise Jordan, I'm not trying to suck up. It's just coming out that way!)
I also felt, writing witches into the book just added another level of excitement. I loved reading about the different spells and the family history of the witchcraft that was performed, it was very intriguing. I had no idea you could incorporate witchcraft and werewolves, but apparently you can. It was such a good added ingredient that just made the book very addictive.
This book is on my top four werewolf books of all time, and I've read quite a few. That is saying a lot, I'm very picky! This book has it all... romance, action, friendship, mystery, drama, betrayal and more. The storyline brings you from one emotion to the next smoothly. And, let me just say, page 102 will make your heart thump at a very fast pace. :) I can't tell you why, read it and find out! You would be crazy not to start this series. I can't wait until Full Moon comes out... I have the sickness, bad!

*A word to the parents... this book has minor cursing, some violence and sexuality. For more full content info GO to Parental Book Reviews.


  1. Great interview questions! I love Jordan Deen and can't believe she's Team Alex!! Poor Brandon, he just gets shafted by everyone. hahahaha I *heart* you Brandon.

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    Great job with the interview and all the buttons and stuff!! You're a beast!

  3. I know, I'm sooooo team Brandon.

    Yes Andye, love you :)

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  6. I am Team Brandon!! love Jordan Deen..great author and person!
    cannot wait for Half Moon. great interview!!
    twimom101 at yahoo dot com

  7. Great questions and a beautiful review. I'm sooooooo team Brandon that it isn't even funny. While I was reading I almost made my best friend crazy with the cursing in our msn conversation! LOL

  8. I can't wait to read Half Moon. thanks for the interview and review!

  9. TEAM BRANDON all the way! I have to say that Half Moon is AMAZING and I can't wait for everyone to read it. I like the fact that Jordan and I write the same (which is something I didn't know actually) - we both have to re-read through stuff before picking up the story again.

    Thanks for the interview and I like your review :)

  10. I am Team Brandon all the way. he was amazing and sweet in the crescent. i cant wait to read half moon

    awsome questions if it was me asking the questions, i would probably ask the same ones

  11. Great interview! I love The Cresent but I'm completely Team Brandon!! I can't wait for Half Moon!

  12. A wonderful interview. And an awesome review. It reminds me of what I liked about The Crescent.

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