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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading Clean Spotlight: Sapphique Winners Announced!

Sapphique comes out TODAY!!!! So be sure and order your copy on Amazon or GO to your nearest bookstore and buy it. Request it at the library even... they usually get the book if you request it!

1ST PLACE - Lisa P. @starmetaloak

2ND PLACE - Melissa/jedisakora

I will email both of you! CONGRATULATIONS!!

I chose Incarceron and Sapphique, for our Reading Clean Spotlight during the next few weeks. These books have such an imaginative, wonderful storyline. They are both very Reading Clean. Sapphique (hardcover) comes out December 28, 2010. On release day I will announce the winner of one ARC copy of Sapphique and Incarceron/Sapphique poster to ONE VERY LUCKY person. HOWEVER, the second place winner will receive two posters... one Incarceron and one Sapphique!!! (sign up below)

This contest is where Parental Book Reviews and Reading Teen come together as one. We at Reading Teen want to give a little extra attention to authors that write their books clean. Very little, or NO cursing, sexual content or violence.
 However, we still love all the other books (maybe, not as reading clean) that we review on this site! So, no hurt feelings allowed. :)

Fisher concludes her high-intensity, mind-bending duology in this sequel to Incarceron (2010). In the two months since Finn has escaped Incarceron and assumed his role as Prince Giles, he has failed to adapt to courtly life. Finn is wracked with guilt over leaving Kiero and Attia behind, and his brooding, unpolished demeanor makes him an easy target for the conniving queen. With their attempts to change the Realm stalled, even Claudia has doubts about Finn’s real identity, which are worsened when another boy appears, claiming to be the true heir. In Incarceron, Kiero and Attia search for another way out, and when they run across the mad magician Rix, who may own the fabled Glove of Sapphique, they believe they’ve found it. Meanwhile, Incarceron is maneuvering behind the scenes, and sapient Jared may factor into its all-seeing design. Fisher further explores themes of reality, illusion, and freedom without losing her intensely original world building and authentic characters. The bittersweet conclusion may frustrate readers expecting a traditional happy ending (or even just a more conclusive one), but it fits perfectly—although a glimmer of hope may be all the characters receive, it’s a real hope, and like the stars, it endures. Grades 9-12

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1st place Winner - ARC Sapphique & Poster
2nd  place Winner - Two posters ~ both Incarceron and Sapphique  

*Contest ends 12-27-10
**MUST be a follower of this blog

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