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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taylor Lautner to Star in Incarceron

All you Twilight/Taylor Lautner fans start freaking out! recently reported that Taylor Lautner is "attached" to the film adaptation of Catherine Fisher's Incarceron.  Taylor will be playing Finn, the main character of the story, who has lived his entire life in a futuristic prison.

(book description)
Incarceron is a prison so vast that it contains not only cells, but also metal forests, dilapidated cities, and vast wilderness. Finn, a seventeen-year-old prisoner, has no memory of his childhood and is sure that he came from Outside Incarceron. Very few prisoners believe that there is an Outside, however, which makes escape seems impossible.

And then Finn finds a crystal key that allows him to communicate with a girl named Claudia. She claims to live Outside- she is the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, and doomed to an arranged marriage. Finn is determined to escape the prison, and Claudia believes she can help him. But they don't realize that there is more to Incarceron than meets the eye. Escape will take their greatest courage and cost more than they know.

Incarceron (Incarceron, Book 1)Deadline reports that Taylor is also expected to be one of the producers of the film!  Check out Amy's review on Incarceron here!

So, what do you think?  Have you read the books?  Do you think Taylor Lautner makes a good Finn?  (Personally, I think he makes a good ANYTHING!!)

UPDATED:  April 19, 2011


  1. Yeah, I can see him in that role. I wonder if he'll have to do a British accent. The author is British and the world of Incarceron seemed very British to me.

  2. I think I just hyperventilated. Two of my favorite things rolled into one movie: Taylor and INCARCERON. Super excited now! But I agree with Stephanie that he'll have to do a British accent or it won't sound right. That might be weird for him to do...haha

  3. If Taylor Lautner pulls off a British accent, I might just die from too much perfection!!

  4. He could honestly play a dead guy and I'd be happy - he's so fun to look at!

  5. I'm currently reading Incarceron and find this new quites exciting!

  6. He's going to play Finn?!?!?! I LOVE Taylor Lautner! And ohmyGod, Incarceron was AMAZING!!!!! When is that movie coming out?! I WANT TICKETS!!! I <3 Incarceron!!

  7. I'm reading the book and it's so great! I can't wait to watch this movie now. And I think Taylor will make a great Finn.

  8. I haven't read the book yet but I agree: he makes a good anything! ;)

  9. He is Going to RUIN it, he will always be Jacob, never Finn. Look past the looks people, what is to like about him?


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