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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Do YOU Want on the Cover of The Iron Knight?

Two polls have been created on for fans of the Iron Fey series to vote for their favorite Ash or Puck model for the cover of The Iron Knight (November 2011)
Voting will continue from December 22, 2010 at 12pm until January 3, 2011 at 12pm EST.

Please click here for a direct link to the voting:

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Oh, and come back here and tell me what you thought of the Puck and Ash models, and who you voted for.  I picked the Ash at the top of this page.  And number one Puck, though I didn't think any of the Pucks fit what I thought of.

Love ya!


  1. This is so cool. I would love to answer the poll if only I had gotten around to reading this series yet. I'll have to put my faith in everyone else voting that they choose the right people!

  2. I'm right there with you on the models. I chose the same one for Ash (hot!), and I didn't feel any of the Puck choices fit, but I chose number 3.

  3. Oh, eep I totally don't love any of them. But you're right--that Ash is the best fit. In my mind though, Ash is Ben Barnes.

    Yes? No?

  4. Yes, Ben Barnes!! And I think that Julie Kagawa would DEFINITELY agree with you!! Her crush on him is adorable!!

  5. No, no, no...none of those models are Ash!!! I'm still not sure who IS yet, but they're not it lol!

  6. Have I heard right: Ash is Ben Barnes?! Oh, I'll have to read this series because I totally love Ben! *sigh* And for me he's the perfect Dimitri from Vampire Academy series (Richele Mead). Actually I think he'll be perfect for everyone in everywhere...

  7. Jam-
    We were only wishing and dreaming. No doubt that if they do make a movie of The Iron Fey, Ben will be too old..... *sad face*. But Julie loves him and always talks about him being Ash!


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