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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who Should Play Jace?


Stop drooling, you're getting it on my post!

Inspired by today's post on Mundie Moms, I'm joining their fight for a very, very important cause.  Namely, to get Alex Pettyfer (pictured above) to play the role of Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments movie.  Alex seems to be the go-to guy for book-to-movies lately, but still....he's just perfect for the role!  I mean just look at the two pictures!!  Umm...yes.

Alex is starring in the film adaptations of Beastly and I Am Number Four.  I haven't read Beastly yet, but it's on my list.  As for I Am Number Four, I think it will make a great movie (my book review).  But who are we kidding?  The Mortal Instruments is the important one!  

Hollywood Crush has written a post about why Alex should play the role of Jace, so head on over there and leave a comment!  FANS UNITE!  We must make this happen!

Oh, and this is who they picked for Clary. 

Lilly Collins

I think she looks pretty good!  She's about to star with Taylor Lautner in Abduction in Sept. 2011.

What do you think?  Do you have someone else in mind for Jace? (If're mad!)


  1. Wow. Bless you for this picture - wow he's hot!

  2. Okay, okay you caught me drooling. Guilty as charged. ;)

  3. Oh dear LOOOOOORRRRDDDDD!!!!!
    That's my Jace, definitely! Alex Pettyfer has always been my Jace since I read City of Bones in 2008.
    Mortal Instruments is my fav series, right below Harry Potter, which is my fav fav fav fav series. lol
    I really wanted Alex to play Jace, but I heard some rumors saying the producers believe he's to old for the part. I say: who cares if he's too old!!!! lol
    Did you like the actress they picked to play Clary? I think she's cute. The truth is, I don't really care who will be playing the other parts, as long as Alex plays Jace! hahahahaha
    Did you read I Am Number Four? I didn't (yet), but will do it SOON. The movie is coming out Fev 2011 (if I'm not wrong). Guess who is Number Four on the big screen??? OH YEAH, Alex Pettyfer!!!!!
    Love you Master Jedi!!!!!

  4. When I was reading TMI, I really pictured Alex as Jace - or at least very similar to him... However, this was more in the Alex Rider years when he was a little younger... I really want him to play the part, but I worry that he might not fit here in a little bit because he's starting to look so manly as opposed to teanage-ish.

  5. I feel like he really LOOKS like Jace, but I'm not sure he could be as funny as Jace, you know? But at least he's pretty :)

  6. Yeah, I could see him being too old, I guess. But I like that cause it makes me feel like not such a creeper for watching...haha!!

    I do wonder if he can play the humorous side of Jace. That would be interesting to see.

  7. YES!! This is absolutely Jace--I can't picture anyone else.

  8. Seriously gotta stop coming back to stare at this photo. Have. To. Get. Work. Done.

  9. LOL I love you posted this! I totally shouldn't have added a warning to my post, who needs coffee when you've got Alex P/Jace to wake you up. HAHA

  10. I think he'd make the perfect Jace. He has the right bone structure and everything.

  11. He is very VERY beautiful, but he is a tad over used in this genre me thinks. But I'd still welcome him as Jace. Ummmm

  12. sorry but WHO CARES ABOUT JACE?!?!


  13. OMG, what is this? A belated Christmas gift? I'm at work right now and people are going to stare at me if I keep looking at this post! But Alex is really perfect to play Jace and I agree with Andye: let him look old so I don't feel like a creep woman drooling over a teen!

  14. Melanie,

    I just gave the books to Kit for Christmas, and so far she's totally Simon, too!!


    He does seem to be the new go-to guy!!


    hahahahahahaha!! You can creep with me!!

  15. What's funny is, isn't he younger than Lily Collins?? It's a shame that he is being overly used in the book-to-movie genre. But he just works soo well in soo many things. He is just that pretty lol


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