Google+ Reading Teen: Cover Reveal for Trial by Fire (Raised by Wolves #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cover Reveal for Trial by Fire (Raised by Wolves #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I'm really, really excited about this book!  Raised by Wolves was one of the only books Amy and I both read and one of my favorite reads last year (my review). I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Trial by Fire, which comes out in the U.S. June 14th, I just can't wait to dive back into this fantastic world!  Yesterday Jen revealed the cover for the new book, and I really love it!  What do you think?

SO, excited!!!  If you haven't read Raised by Wolves yet, go and get it NOW!  Don't worry about not having the sequel yet.  Jen was kind enough to give Raised by Wolves its own story arc, so you won't be left with a giant cliffhanger!  Those are my favorite kinds of series! Go read my review!!


  1. I;m so excited! I loved raised by wolves and can't wait for this one! I think the first book cover was nicer but I still like this one :)

  2. i'm so so so excited about the sequel, i re-read raied by wolves because i couldnt put it down the first time i read it, and every time i re-read it i loved it even more.... i cant waite for trial by fire as i know i will love it just as much.... :):):):)

  3. I'm really excited for it too!!

    and Amy....I'M READING IT!! I called dibs!


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