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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Interview & Blog Tour: Where I Belong's main Character Corrinne Corcoran

I got to interview Where I Belong's main character, Corrinne Corcoran.
I really enjoyed this adorable book! To read some more of my thoughts about it, 
be sure to check out my review on January 21!  

RT: What is your occupation?
 Corrinne: Student. Equestrian. Socialite. 

RT: Where do you live?
Corrinne: Kent Boarding School. 

RT: What is your favorite pig out food?
Corrinne: Reeses and anything Grandma Houston bakes or fries.

RT: Who is your favorite author?
 Corrinne: Vogue Magazine Writers.

 RT: Every New Years you resolve to...?
Corrinne: Be better than Waverly in something!

RT: Nobody knows you are...?
Corrinne: Actually very sensitive.

RT: Is there something you wish you could stop?
   Corrinne: Wishing for what I don't have at that moment and enjoy what I do have.

RT: What is the worst part of your life is...?
Corrinne: Missing people and places. When I am in Spoke, I miss my dad and New York. At school, I miss the city and Texas. I am always missing something or someone, but I guess that's growing up

RT: You will absolutely die when...?
Corrinne: People I don't know recognize my name.
 RT: What is your biggest pet peeve?
 Corrinne: Can my brother Tripp be a pet peeve?

RT: What makes you lovable?
 Corrinne: My ability to change.

    RT: What are some of your hobbies/pastimes?
Corrinne: Horses. Party-planning. Rodeos. Learning to drive. Scheming. Boys. Manipulating.

 RT: What are are some of your talents?
Corrinne: See above.

Thank you Corrinne Corcoran for the interview!
Don't forget to check out my review on the book where she stars in,
Where I Belong on January 21!

 Many thanks to Teen Book Scene for helping with the tour!

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  1. hahaha she's funny, I was hoping she would tell how did she like her job shoveling manure, but we can't always get what we want,

    guess I have to wait for the book ):

    can't wait for your review!


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