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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review: The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Lost Chapter edition (April 8, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1400310113
ISBN-13: 978-1400310111

The first in a projected trilogy begins in Aidan Thomas' new home; his family has moved to help his ailing grandfather. Aidan is unhappy about almost everything, but life really turns upside down when he discovers several ancient scrolls in his grandfather's basement. In short order, he finds himself opening "the door within"; on the opposite side is a world of noble kings and treacherous knights, and the inevitable struggle between good and evil.

My Review

The first read this book many years ago, and even then I loved it. A Christian novel, much like C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, is set in a modern day world where Aidan Thomas lives a very boring life. Now, in my opinion, the book doesn't get very good until Aidan enters a place called The Realm. This is kinda a medieval, fantasy twin of earth. For every person on earth, there is a "Glimpse" twin of them-- someone who looks and acts similar to their human counter-part.

For many months now, I've been craving a good fantasy book. Looking around at the many bookshelves in my room, I spotted The Door Within. I remembered how much I liked it a couple of years ago and was curious to see if, after much self-maturing, (Not a lot) I still liked it as much. And I am telling you that my opinion changed. After re-reading this book, I can better understand the complexity (And simplicity) of the parables and all of the 14th century words. Yeah, I've always loved when people use words like "Thou" and "Verily"... When people use Shakespeare-like words in their novels there is a pretty chance that I'll like it.

This is a great book for people who like Narnia or enjoy the whole Knight 'n' Dragon feel to a book. For anybody who isn't quite ready for Tolkien's writings, this is a great starter. And even for those who are past this level of reading, it can be a very enjoyable book. And for those of you who don't usually read this type of book... I would consider making an exception for this one. It is by far my favorite Christian novel I have ever read.

Never Alone!
I think that these books would make great movies and I have come up short cast for most of the main characters. People who have read this book, tell me what you think!

Captain Valithor/Grampin-
Sean Connery
Nothing has to be said about this guy.

Viggo Mortensen
Yeah, I know it's kinda cliche, him being Aragorn and everything, but this is the right dude.

Ralph Fiennes
This is just a bad guy. 'Nuff said.

Lord Ruciful-
Alan Rickman
The voice is all that matters.

That's all I have for now but, I'm working on more. Oh, and for later books...

Matthew Hastings-
Voice of the Wyrm Lord
Just listen to this dude screaming.

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