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Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mailbox, Should We or Shouldn't We?

To read Kristi's post about IMM click here.


  1. You know IMM is so much more than just showing what books you got. Your right, it is this comrade-re where you share, gush, discuss, it's the whole blogshphere coming together on this one particular day and sharing.

    When I first started, I never got any books, I didn't until a few months ago, but I still enjoyed seeing what others got, it was a highlight as it is now of the whole week. It's being curious and seeing what others have. There is nothing wrong with that. If you have a problem then your just being ignorant and need to grow up.

    I loved this vlog girly, I hope you participate more often , it is a lot of fun :)

  2. I'm just blown away that anyone said that about IMM. I just couldn't believe it.

    I'll have to get Amy over here and do one together! :D

  3. LOL loved this vlog (and the music- Kesha rocks!)!

    Usually when I do IMM vlogs, I talk about the books and say why I'm excited for them, which is usually why mine are so long. :P I also show off other stuff, like DVDs/CDs, books I got from the library, borrowed from friends, or bought/received as present. It's not just about the latest ARC or whatever; it can expand beyond your mailbox.

    So if you guys do decide to participate, you can show off those library books or books you bought each week and maybe the books you're reading in the upcoming week. It's just a fun thing to do and I hate that people are making it into something it's not. You can tell when a blogger is in it just for the ARCs and are bragging about getting them; none of the bloggers who I've seen participate in IMM brag or seem like they're just trying to get the latest ARC.

    OK, this comment was way longer than I intended, lol. Thanks for posting the vlog- I know it'll mean a lot to Kristi.

  4. I hardly ever get books in the mail, unless I ordered them online, so most of my IMM is just books I've bought and I don't always participate every week. A lot of bloggers show what they've gotten from the library too. Maybe you should just do it once or twice a month, but I'd love to see you all participate.

    It's never been about bragging, at least not to me. I always look forward to it each week and its like you said, its really about the comradere! I find it fun to see what others bloggers are getting and reading each week and I really love it when someone shows me a title I might not have seen before. It gets me excited to find out more about the book.

    I guess some people just have to be negative all the time and that's really a shame. I say if you don't like IMM, don't participate, but stop being hateful towards other bloggers who do!

  5. Well, I guess I missed the IMM drama among all the other drama this past week? I'm just floored what gets discussed and turned into negatives anymore. But, anyway, I do like looking at IMMs to see what titles are out there already and a heads up for what to look for in the future.I don't get much myself, but like you said, through the comraderie, like the book tours I've mentioned in my vlog, I do get some advanced books. But again, it's not bragging, it's getting word out and to help promote authors in their careers. At least, that's a big part of what I enjoy about blogging. Anyway, glad to see your vlog, and yes I would love to see you guys do an IMM of what you are reading. I get a lot from the library or I bought myself and include in my IMM when I do them. I don't participate every week either. BTW, this week's IMM was my first attempt at a vlog! haha

  6. +JMJ+

    I liked your vlog. =)

    As other commenters have said, lots of people who like the networking potential of IMM create posts about all new books, whether or not they come in the mail. I'm a huge literalist when it comes to these things, though, so I've only done IMM posts for books that were mailed to me.

    My own problem with the meme is that I don't find it interesting at all! =P I'm not trying to put it down, but I'm the kind of person who isn't very interested in other people's new books, especially if they just have the same titles I keep seeing over and over, and nothing interesting to say about them. (Some IMM posts are just images: a photograph of the "loot.") And I've never liked it when people use the linky to visit other blogs only to say, "Enjoy your books! Here's the link to my IMM post!" Especially when I actually had content in my own post. So I stopped joining.

    On the other hand, IMM is a big part of the book blogging culture that the majority of book bloggers seem to enjoy. I think most of that is due to the camaraderie you've mentioned--and that's not a bad thing! If I had any new books to write about, I'd join this week, too, just to support Kristi.

  7. l LOVE imm.
    l think it's a way to help promote books, whether you have brought them,borrowed them or got them from publishers/authors it's because you really want to read them so l think it's great to show the books which you are going to be reading!
    Even if you didn't get any that week l love the videos/posts where people talk about what they are reading at the moment. It's how l find new books!

  8. Nice vlog! I couldn't do anything like that since 1 I don't have a webcam and 2 I am not technology apt!

    Afraid I'm likely to stick to the old ways of IMM's though.

    Old Follower
    Here's my IMM

    Have a GREAT day!

  9. I rarely get books from publishers too (this was one of those rare weeks for me though) but I always participate in IMM with books I got from the library or books that I bought. So don't feel like you can't participate just because you don't get things from publishers.

    I've actually considered calling it "In My Bookbag" on my blog instead of "In My Mailbox" just because most of the books I get are from the library anyway.

  10. As with anything pertaining to blogging, do what feels right to you. I don't recieve many review books either, but I buy a bunch and I use the library. I am excited about my purchases and I like sharing. I read IMM posts and it helps me remember books that I forgot about or ones that I want to buy.

  11. I love participating in IMM each week. I've said on another blog that I like sharing what I've gotten, and people in my "real life" don't really appreciate it, or care. So there's a great community out here in the blogosphere that will appreciate it, and share their own loot, too. I always find new titles I want to read while reading others' IMM posts.

  12. Okay, just letting you know that my computer has a virus or something an won't let me watch youe IMM:(
    I like IMM. I haven't heard much about the IMM drama, except that apparently some bloggers are using it to brag (is that right?)about ARCs they have received. I really hope this is not the case, and it doesn't seem right to me. Don't bloggers have to mention where they got the book anyway? I haven't yet received an ARC yet so I don't know for sure.
    I think people are ether misunderstanding or just being childish about it all. What's the big deal about sharing what you got for the week? I personally like finding what others have to read and why they are excited to read them, etc.

  13. I love IMM. I don't think its showing off. I think its giving exposure to books that might not get it.

    I love your non bragging IMM. I would like for you participate! Even if you don't get that much. :)

    Hooked to Books

  14. I love seeing other people's IMM! Sure I get book envy from time to time but I don't feel anyone is bragging by showcasing what they got for the week. Even if you don't get anything from publishers, it's cool to see what people get from the library as well.

  15. I also really love IMM, and I don't think it's about bragging. It's about being excited for each other. I get excited for others when I see what books they got, especially if they're ones I've been wanting to read. Then I know I'll get to read a review of it soon. :) I don't see how it could be termed as showing off. That's not the spirit at all of what it's about.

  16. Like other people have said, IMM includes books you get from publishers/authors, ones you buy and sometimes ones you get from the library or other sources.

    I personally love the meme. It would be great if you want to do it :)

  17. I love IMM, especially those that vlog it! It's my favorite meme and it's not just those books publisher's or authors send, it's those books you are piling on top of your TBR list from whatever source.

    I get a few books, mainly from Netgalley. But most of what I review is from the library or those special items I've bought. IMM is a day I can showcase those books that I will be reading soon even if I don't get around to reviewing them for a few weeks.

    I would love to see more of your IMM's if you want to participate.

  18. I really enjoy IMM because then I know what to be looking forward to for reviews and to see if my expectations were similar to what other people thought. I don't really see it as bragging. You guys should definitely do it!

  19. I LOVE IMM. Especially when there are vlogs involved and I can see the blogger behind the blog and see the awesome books in someone's hand.

    I next to never get sent any books so usually the ones that I show are from books stores.
    The person who said was being a total jerk the entire conversation anyway so I am not going to even pay said person any attention and not care what they think.

    I would love to see some Reading Teen IMM vlogs. Y'all are so fun to watch so I hope you do it at least every now and then :)


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