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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New YA Releases This Week

Here's a couple of books releasing this week!  I'm most excited about Delirium.....even though I've already read it (my review).....but anyway!  I think The Demon Trapper's Daughter looks really interesting.  Have you read it?  Have you read any of these?  What did you think?  Leave a link to your review in the comments, or just let me know how you liked them!  Check out Abigaile's review of Where I Belong here.

DeliriumChasing AllieCatPink
The LocketThe Demon Trapper's DaughterWhere I Belong

I really wanted to go get Delirium today, but that sneaky Borders made my coupon expire YESTERDAY, of course!!!  So, I'm going to wait for another one.  But it's KILLING me!  I want that pretty book!!  I can't wait to share it with all my friends!  (Leah, this one's coming to you!)

Ok, scratch that! I just went to Borders and it was 30% off, so....Delirium is now mine!  :D

Happy Reading!!


  1. Because Reading Teen ROCKS, I nominate you for the Gini Koch "Worth Your Weight in a 'Gator Battle" Award.
    Come play!

  2. I just heard of Where I Belong today on Reading Vacation and it looks SO CUTE!

  3. So many great books this week. Where I Belong and Delirium are AMAZING.

  4. I can't wait to read Pink, Delirium and The Demon Trapper's Daughter. They all look so good!

  5. I really liked delirium and where I belong is definitely on my TBR pile.

  6. I'm dying to read Delirium (and I completely blame Andye for it!) and The Demon Trapper's Daughter is on my TBR too!

  7. I can't wait to read Delirium!


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