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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Casting Call for Jace Wayland!


Don't worry, if this is you, you aren't being hunted by the FBI.  You are, however, being hunted by Sony Pictures and Screen Gems!!  

Since we've been talking about this a lot, I thought I'd share with you an open casting call for Jace that Mundie Moms reported today!  They have all the deets on their blog if you're interested in becoming the NEXT BIG THANG.  So, scurry on over there and check it out!  I know I'm dumb.....but I'm still hoping somehow Alex will JUST SAY YES ALREADY!!!!

*cries and cries uncontrollably* 

Ok, I'm not really that crazy.


  1. Maybe it will be cool to have a new person, though. That way, we won't be thinking of everything else they've done and we'll just think of him as Jace. :)

  2. OH GOOD LORD! I came here to read this and I was nearly having a fit, cause I thought they opened it cause Alex had said no!!!! GOOD LORD!!!!

    I can't see anyone else playing Jace besides him, and COME ON, TMI is way better than The Apprentice. Will someone tell him that already!? TMI has 10x more fans and so on... COME ON COME ON COME ON!!!!!!!!!! ALEX ALEX ALEX! (please don't say no!!!!)

  3. I agree with the above comment. Alex is the only person I can imagine playing Jace! Come on Alex, take the part already!

  4. I agree with Amy, you're that crazy and that's why I like you! :)


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