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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Interesting Bookish Stuff

Just thought I'd share with you that Carrie Ryan, author of the AMAZING books The Forest of Hands and Teeth, and The Dead-Tossed Waves has put a teaser up for us eager fans who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next book, The Dark and Hollow Places.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this book!!

The Forest of Hands and TeethThe Dead-Tossed Waves (Forest of Hands and Teeth)The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth)

She actually has a bar code posted that you scan with your smart phone, which I think is just kind of fun.  She said tomorrow she'll post the actual paragraph. But if you have a smart phone....have at it!  The first chapter of The Dark and Hollow Places is also at the end of the paperback of The Dead-Tossed Waves.  Go check out the teaser on Carrie's blog!

In other book news, Barnes and Noble has posted a video of Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments Trilogy and The Infernal Devices Trilogy, in which she names her top 12 books of all time.  FYI, The Dark and Hollow Places makes that list!! :D  A couple of others that she named that are in my favorites list too are:

The Body FinderAnna and the French KissWhite Cat (Curse Workers)

One that she named that I hadn't heard of, but looks really interesting, is:


Have you read it?  Is it good?

Go check out the video at Barnes and Noble's site!



  1. Those are some great choices. I've read Robin McKinley's Sunshine, it's really good, but if I remember correctly there were a couple of pages I ended up skiping over. ^_^

  2. I can't wait for The Dark and Hollow Places!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Carrie Ryan news!

  4. I love the covers of Carrie Ryan, and I can't wait for reading...

  5. I actually think I'm about the only McKinley fan that just really didn't like Sunshine. It didn't feel at all like McKinley's other writings, and I just... sigh. Didn't really like it.

  6. I loved Sunshine. I think it's the best vampire book I've ever read and I'm a voracious UF reader. I've never read any of her other books though because I don't like high fantasy.

  7. I still have to read White Cat and Anna and the French Kiss. People say they're great!


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