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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Ten Super Powers by Rising Shadow author

We are having a little fun today with the author of RISING SHADOW, Jacquelyn Wheeler.  We asked her what are the top ten best super powers.  Here's what she said:

1. Flying
2. Healing
3. Invisibility
4. Ability to generate fire
5. Telekinesis
6. Super speed
7. Mind-reading
8. Seeing into the future
9. Super hearing and vision
10. Landing a publishing contract

Rising Shadow (The Soterians)Make sure you check out Jacquelyn's book RISING SHADOW


  1. I loved this book :)
    That list is so cute! I love #10 ;)

  2. "Landing a publishing contract". LOL

    I agree to healing, invisibility and telekinesis and would add X-Men Storm's power of controling weather (I'd love to control the wind! Here dreaming...). ;)

  3. @Angel: Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! @Jam: Controlling the weather! I can't believe I didn't think of that one. That would definitely be high on my list. Thanks for hosting the list, Andye! That was a lot of fun.


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