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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VANISH (Firelight #2) Puzzle Piece Cover Reveal!!

If you don't know, Firelight was one of my favorite reads last year!  I just loved it (my review).  So I am SOOO excited to be a part of this!  Sophie Jordan, the author of Firelight, will be releasing the cover of the newest book in the series, Vanish, tomorrow! Today, I am one of the blog stops that will be giving you a glimpse at the cover. 

You can visit each blog, listed below, to see the puzzle pieces and collect the words that can enter you in the giveaway tomorrow. 

Here is my puzzle piece.

Looks like BLONDE hair!! Hmmm.....very interesting!

Make sure you go to all these blogs to see the rest of the puzzle pieces.  They are all up, and you can see more of this mysterious person on the front cover!

Remember to write down ALL the secret words from each blog.
My Secret Word is...


You will need all of the words to enter the giveaway that will be posted tomorrow. 
3 winners will receive a signed copy of Firelight

The final cover can be seen on these blogs at 8 am CST tomorrow, and you can enter the giveaway! 



  1. Yeah, I saw the other pieces and it's def blond hair. Is it Jacinda's sister on the cover or did Jacinda bleached her hair?? Second option not good... hahahahaahahahah

  2. I thought the last reveal would be her eye but I like seeing the font.
    Blonde hair with scales and the clues about rivals...hmmm!

  3. I'm also wondering if it's Jacinda's sister. If so, I totally approve!! I felt like she didn't get enough of the story in the last book.

    Can't wait to see the total cover!!! :)

  4. I have been tracking these pieces! WOHOO this one has filled in a gap!

  5. Yeah, I can't wait to find out who it is!! I can't imagine it would be Jacinda with dyed hair. That would be sad. Maybe it is her sister. Or maybe a girl who's gonna end up being bad? hmmm......

    Can't wait for the synopsis!


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