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Thursday, March 10, 2011

April 5th! Day of Awesome! (Harry Potter+The Mortal Instruments+Andye=Best Day Ever!)

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)Why is April 5th so awesome, you ask?  Well, isn't it obvious?  It's my birthday!  

The day I was born is, of course, a day to be celebrated above all others, but as if that wasn't enough, it is also the day CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS (The Mortal Instruments 4) comes out!  Yes, I do think that it's fate.  And if that wasn't enough to make me pee my pants, I just found out this news:

Holy Freaking Coolness!!  I'm so excited!!  On April 5th Harry Potter:  The Exhibition will open in NYC!!  Warner Bros. issued a press release stating that the exhibition will be held at Discovery Times Square from April 5th to Sept. 5th before going International.

From the press release:
Harry Potter fans in New York City can rejoice, as they will soon have the chance to step inside the famous wizard’s magical world with Harry Potter: The Exhibition, which opens at Discovery Times Square on April 5, 2011. The previously unscheduled stop in New York City will serve as the tour’s final North American destination before going international. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased online at, at the Discovery Times Square box office (226 West 44th Street) or by calling (866) 987-9692.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) created the 14,000-square-foot experiential exhibition, where visitors will be able to visit dramatic displays inspired by the Hogwarts™ film sets and see the amazing craftsmanship behind authentic costumes and props from the films. Original artifacts from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ - Part 1 and the highly anticipated finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ - Part 2, will be on display, along with hundreds of original props and costumes from all of the previous Harry Potter films.

“From the moment they step inside, visitors to Harry Potter: The Exhibition are immersed in the fantastic world brought to life in the blockbuster films,” said Brad Globe, president, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “New York is the perfect location for our last stop in North America. We think fans will be thrilled to have one more opportunity to experience firsthand the magic of this incredible exhibition.”

Harry Potter: The Exhibition offers fans a firsthand view of hundreds of authentic artifacts displayed in settings inspired by the film sets—including the Great Hall, Hagrid's hut, the Gryffindor™ common room—and more.

“We are pleased to offer east coast fans this bonus destination of the exhibition, all housed within the perfect venue,” said Eddie Newquist, chief creative officer for GES. “There is no better way to celebrate the imagination and creativity of the Harry Potter film series than to actually walk among the iconic costumes and props that helped bring the world of the films to life.”

“We are excited to present New York residents and visitors with this special presentation of Harry Potter: The Exhibition designed specifically for a venue of this magnitude. We’ve saved the best for this last stop - this finale will be the biggest and most magical,” said James Sanna, president of Discovery Times Square.

I want to go see this SO BADLY!!  So, here is my proposal.  Someone who loves me will take me to New York City on April 4th.  I will go to a bookstore that is having a  birthday party for Andye.....or a midnight City of Fallen Angels release, same difference, and I will buy the book.  I will stay up all night reading it.  I will get up the next morning and go to The Harry Potter Exhibition.  Then I will die happy, and not old because I won't pass the age of 35, and therefore will only have minimal wrinkles.  I will accept sign-ups for the roll of tour guide in the comments!

Go read more about The Exhibition, see pics and videos and more here!  Oh, and Happy Birthday today to Remis Lupin, my favorite werewolf!

With much love, and a little psychosis,


  1. That sounds like THE best birthday EVER!! I'm actually really Please take a million pictures!
    And special Happy Birthday to Lupin :)I have to agree he's one of my favorite werewolves too.

  2. Um, that would be an AMAZING birthday! My birthday is the 3rd. I'm totally tagging along.

  3. I hope that the Harry Potter thing comes to Rio... I live here and it's most unlikely to my parents to let me go in July to NYC

  4. Wow that Harry Potter exhibition sounds AWESOME! If I lived in NYC I would totally be there. Reminds me of how a couple years ago the Narnia movie exhibit opened in Arizona right by my house! We went and they had tons of props from the movie and it was soooo awesome. Hopefully the Harry Potter exhibit will come to someplace nearby too! :)

  5. You have like the best birthday EVER!!!!!!!! I want to come celebrate with you!

  6. Can't wait for the next Mortal Instruments book to come out!! I can't go to the midnight release, but I'll be going to the Santa Monica B&N that Cassandra's going to be at on April 5th, so it's all good :)



  7. Well aren't you so lucky!? Birthday, Harry Potter and TMI series. If you get a chance to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition, DO IT! You will not be disappointed. My family and I went, and we LOVED IT! The props are surreal, and we could have spent hours in there looking at all of the amazing stuff.
    Hope you get to go see it sometime!


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