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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Character Interview with Clint from Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler

Playing Hurt has been one of the most enjoyable contemporary romances I've read!  I really, really liked it.  My favorite character had to be Clint.  He was just so.....sigh!  So, I was totally excited that I got the chance to "sit down with him" and ask him some questions! 


Clint, I know the past few years have been hard on you, can you tell us a little about what you’ve been going through? Or is it still too hard to talk about?

Lost my childhood girlfriend, Rosie. I know most everybody loses their childhood loves, really. Only mine—I lost her in a brutal way. I lost my girlfriend, and I didn’t know what it was like to break up with someone. Can you imagine? She just got ripped away, and I was left with this empty hole inside. Which was why I said never again.

Weird for a high school kid to think that. Weird for a kid going to college to think about work only. Still, though—you get food poisoning once from bad eggs, you never want to eat eggs again. This—losing Rosie—was far worse than any food poisoning. So how crazy could it really be, never wanting another broken heart again?

You’re obviously very athletic, and you have a love for the outdoors. What’s your favorite thing to do outside?

Probably camp with Greg and Todd. Those two guys—it’s like being with your family, only more so, you know? Camping—we hike and fish, and in high school, it was always just great to get away from curfew and grades and all the other ways the world sort of pushes you. And out there, alone, you say things you’d never say back home. Kind of like going to confession. And I’d be just as likely to tell anybody what was said during a camping trip as any priest would be likely to spill the beans after listening to confession, let me tell you.

When you first saw Chelsea, what went through your mind? Only clean thoughts ;)

If it’s got to be clean, this’ll be a short answer…Really, she was the first girl since Rosie who caught my attention. The first girl I looked at and fantasies instantly started to pop.

As you’ve gotten to know Chelsea better, what are some things you really like about her? What are some things that drive you crazy?

I’d have to say they’re one and the same, really. She’s tenacious—which I love. Especially when she’s coming after me. What guy doesn’t like to see some gorgeous girl chasing after him? But she’s tenacious about everything. Even when she’d be better off admitting she’s wrong—like the whole protective-of-her-hip thing. She just wouldn’t let it go. But like I said, when she’s coming after me? Don’t mind that tenacity at all…even then I’m telling her no, I’m not minding it.

When you look back on your summer with Chelsea, what’s your favorite memory (that you can tell us about)?

I’ve got a lot. Don’t think a single moment didn’t etch itself into my memory. Think I had more of those carry-it-with-me-the-rest-of-my-life moments with Chelsea in just three weeks than a lot of people have in years. Really hammers home the whole idea that it’s not the amount of time you have together, it’s what you do with it. I’d say my favorite times are those moments when we both decided to go for it—when we both jumped into the thing we had going, neither one of us trying to push the other away. Like bowling, or…that night behind the waterfall…

Yeah....I thought the waterfall might come up!


Thanks so much, Clint (and Holly) for this interview!  It was a lot of fun!!
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Holly has offered a signed bookmark for a giveaway!  If you'd like to enter, just leave a comment below telling us if you've ever played a sport before!  Giveaway is International!


  1. I've played soccer my entire young life!

  2. I love love loved this book!!! Clint, sigh!!!
    Talk about YuMMY! And I figured that waterfall scene might come up as well ;)

  3. Played a little as a kid. I've rock climbed and played soccer as an adult. But mostly I am a soccer mom.

  4. Aww, I love this interview and loved Playing Hurt. Clint is too swoony for words! LOL, the waterfall scene.


  5. I've saved the link to this interview for later, because my copy of Playing Hurt is on its way, and just in case, I don't want to be spoiled.

    But, yeah, I've never played any sports. I can't even play video games. Not even the app ones for the Ipod. Not matter how simple they are. I like to watch College football and gymnastics though. LOL

    marynellie8 at yahoo dot com

  6. I played basketball in high school but was not very good.


  7. I never really played a sport, but I danced all my life. I was going to be a dance major until I got realistic. But since the age of 5 I've been doing ballet, jazz etc...

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  8. Great interview. When I was younger, I played softball, and even a season of basketball.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  9. Nice interview! My little sister and I play badminton out of hobby in the backyard every weekend.

    toprocrastinate @
    Chel @ The procrastinator's Corner

  10. does scrabble couunt? haha i'm such a dork.
    i play badminton at school but i'm not that great at it :))

  11. I have never played sports before. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read the book also. Sounds very good.

  12. I tried playing a lot of different sport but unfortunately, I sucked at all of them. It seems like the ball always wants to hit me on the head. =))

  13. I played basketball in 8th grade and still play for fun now.


  14. Like most people I played soccer when I was younger - so much fun!

  15. I played a little when I was younger and my husband is a big time fan of soccer. He played in high school and had to carry around a gallon jug ran through one of his mom's berkey water filters. He wanted to play college soccer, but our school we are in doesn't have a men's soccer team, just women!


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