Google+ Reading Teen: Do Bloggers Sell Books? Is That the Right Question?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do Bloggers Sell Books? Is That the Right Question?

There's been so much written lately about whether or not blogs sell books.  I'm not sure how much insight I can add, but I wanted to say that, if I were to guess, I would guess that blogs and bloggers are very important to getting the word out about debut authors, and less well-known books.  I think, in the overall scheme of things, they probably have very little impact on the sales of established authors or well-publicized books.

However, what bloggers are doing, that I think is a point that everyone is missing, is creating excitement and buzz for reading YA in general.  Just take the book blogging world for example.  A few years ago, there were (from what I've heard) a handful of book blogs.  Over the past few years, the buzz and excitement created by those blogs has grown, expanded and is practically ready to burst at the seams now.  I see this trend growing and growing.  It's a snow-ball effect.  The reason for this is community.  People like to belong, they like to have friends and "family" that are interested in the same thing that they are.  They like to talk about the things that they are into.  And the more they talk about it, the more into it they get.  I guarantee you that bloggers, followers, twitter users etc. buy ten times the amount of books than they would have if it weren't for the community.  It spurs us on, it gets us excited, it moves us into action.  Some of it is even competition driven.  People want to have the most, they want to be the best, the want to know first.  Yes, this can be annoying sometimes, but honestly, authors, publishers, and people who love books should be ECSTATIC about this.  Why?  Because in the end, it sells more books!

Here's my story with blogging.  Before the Twilight series, I read NOTHING.  Not just only a little here and there....seriously, nothing....ever.  I completely fell in love with Twilight, and started wondering what else might be out there that I would like.  I went to the library, and started picking up books randomly, but didn't really find any that I loved.  I just had no way to know.  So, I went where so many of the people in the world now go for information:  The Internet.  I started googling YA book reviews, and I came across a blog.  At the time I didn't know it was a blog, because I had no concept of blogging.  But I went on, left comments on reviews, and asked for suggestions of other great books.  The people on this blog gave me some suggestions, which lead to more reading, which lead to wanting to share what I was reading with others, which led to starting my blog.

When I started this blog, I had no idea there were other book blogs out there.  I actually started a website first, and then realized that a blog was more interactive.  I went to the library, bought books at stores, and had no idea what an ARC was.  After a couple of months, I began to realize that there was a whole book blogging world out there that I never knew existed, that I could talk to authors on Twitter and they would actually respond.  This was incredible.  The more I started reading blogs and chatting on Twitter, the more books I bought and reviewed.  I can name 100 books that I never would have looked at twice if it hadn't been for review from other blogs.  This community has turned reading books into living books.  It's one thing to read a book and enjoy it.  It's quite another to read it, share it, hear about it from others, and talk about how amazing it is with hundreds of other people who loved it as much as you did.  And what does that make me want to do?  Buy more books.

So, do book bloggers sell individual books?  Sometimes.  Do book bloggers sell books as a whole?  Absolutely!

Can't seem to keep my mouth shutly yours,


  1. I completely agree with you! I'm glad you posted this :)

  2. I like when you can't keep your big mouth shut! Good post!!

  3. I love your point about bloggers getting people excited about YA books in general. That's good for all of us!

  4. I think it's more about generating excitement also. I know that there are several authors who have become favorites of mine that I found through bloggers with similar tastes. These are books I never would have tried if not for someone pointing out the wonderfulness of these stories. So, I'm with you. We may not sell individual books but we sell excitement!

  5. love this. it's true, and I think it's especially true for YA books and for teens in general. The more talk about books, the more love for books. When teens stumble across the book blogging community, or the author community on twitter, etc., it makes them *so* excited to read more, and that's terrific.

  6. Word of mouth advertising is always the best kind, bloggers do that. And not just online. We are at bookstores, book clubs, school functions, work. We carry our bookish love out into our IRL too.

  7. I agree with you. I only started blogging to get better at writing. Not to get followers, views, or ARCs.

  8. I totally agree with you about this. There are 57 million books I never would have heard about without blogging, and I know I've bought tons of books because of blogging and Goodreads and Twitter. One good example of this is SEA, by Heidi R. Kling. I had no idea what this book was about or even heard of it before I read Kelsey Dickson's review on her blog. Then I saw other reviews popping up, and I knew I HAD to read it. So I bought it and fell in love with it. There are countless other book love stories like this with me. I'm so grateful for book blogging and all the amazing reads it has led me to :)

  9. I really love this post and couldn't agree with you more. Before I began interacting with the blogging community, I would always go to the bookstore/library and walk way saying "I couldn't find anything". Now through blogging, I always have lists and lists of books that I hear about from other bloggers that I keep adding to read. Blogging creates so much awareness, cultivates interest and helps people connect more with authors and their stories. There are so many books i probably never would've read if it weren't for other people's blogs. All this talk about whether we help sell books is irrelevant. I honestly don't care--I'm in it for the sense of community--because I have no one in my everyday life who enjoys reading like I do and I enjoy talking with other bibliophiles. If publishers stopped sending out ARC's and authors stopped wanting to do interviews, I would live as long as there were still blog readers and fellow bloggers out there to connect with and discuss my favorite books with. Anyways, amazing POST! It really spoke to me!

  10. I think that's the best way to put it. Book bloggers sell books to other bloggers. I spent more money on books last year than the previous 3 years combines (I was a big library patron). I wanted books NOW so I started buying rather than waiting for my library to get them in. I wouldn't haven't done that without all the buzz that I heard from bloggers. It is exciting to be a part of it!!

  11. oh my!

    paragraph 4= story of my life

    seriously, with that exact same words O:

  12. It's funny to have you put family in quotes because in an epic way you all are a big bite of my extended family.

    We can rave (or disagree) over books in a passionate way NO ONE ELSE understands. I love this community, I love that for the first time I feel like I belong somewhere, like my piece of the puzzle slid over and clicked into this massive picture of literary awsomeness. It's just cool to me, it's cool to get ARCs and think "Someone likes what I've done so much, they want my thoughts on a book." Let me catch my breath saying that because I spent years giving my thoughts on books to people who looked at me like I was crazy and suddenly Authors are some of my favorite friends and publicists want to send me titles... it's great, not because it's free, but because suddenly, in some tiny, possibly insignificant way we all matter in this world that we all adore.

    It's no secret I am writing my first book with deep hopes it will be published, maybe I'll see things differently then, if "then" ever happens, but I will never forget the home I had in this year with all of you.

    I don't care if I sell one book, that is NOT the right question, nor is, "Do we make a difference in YA?" The right question? Did being Book bloggers make a difference in us.

  13. I so agree! It's not one blog post that builds the buzz it's the dozens of reviews and mentions that builds the buzz around a book. Then some books you are on the fence on and someone you trust reviews it and loves it, you immediately have to have that book.

  14. You can always seem to say what I'm thinking but can never say intellegently! Thank you for doing it for me! I did the same thing except it was the Anita Blake series for me. I started it because a friend gave me the first one. I read went and bought the next 13 books in the series and devoured them in a week! Then I went to Walmart looking for something else I might love as much and what did I pick up? Twilight! lol
    When I went looking for somthing else to read I went online and found shelfari, which lead me to blogs! I have bought thousands (I'm not exaggerating, thousands!!) of books based on blog recommendations. Being able to talk to people about the books I read and love make me want to read more and read them faster and buy more and and more and more!

  15. I could write another "book" to respond to your "book" here Andye but it's late and I am so sleepy. But I had to comment to let you know I agree! Without book blogs I wouldn't have been aware of many of the books I've read and enjoyed. I think we sell books (and I do mean that on an individual book basis) much more than we get credit for. ;)

  16. Ditto my friend, I just wrote a post on this myself and then read yours. Exactly my sentiments.

  17. I love how you say that blogging turns reading books into living books -- that really hits the nail on the head for me. I love having a community that GETS IT. The people I'm around in real life never know what I'm talking about when I ramble about a book. But if I tweet a book blogger and am like ZOMG[INSERT BOOK TITLE] they will KNOW what I mean.

    Also, the interactivity with the authors is amazing. They used to feel like these unreachable movie stars to me -- and now I can shoot one an email, and get a response, and it still boggles my mind in a warm and fuzzy way.

    I agree that blogs as a whole create buzz and sell books. I can basically predict what books will be bestsellers just based on the buzz I hear in the blogosphere -- that's got to mean something, right?

    It makes me really sad to see people saying that we don't do anything for the market. We put a lot of time and energy into this solely because we love books and want to talk about them and help out authors we love. It would be like one of us saying an author's novel was pointless, you know? We have feelings too. I've heard a lot of talk about mean reviews, but that street goes both ways. It breaks my heart to see the community coming apart at the seams like this.

    Also, like you, I buy a ton more books now than ever before. My list is ever-growing because every day I see a new book on a blog that I just HAVE to read. Sure, we get galleys sometimes. But that's only a minuscule fraction of the books that line our shelves. So even if only book bloggers read book blogs -- we're READERS too. That's what we are, first and foremost. That's why we do this. Honestly, we have to be a HUGE segment of the sales numbers.

    Sorry for my novel-length comment :o) This has just really been getting to me lately. I try really hard, and it hurts to think that some people might believe I'm in it because I'm a greedy, free book hog whose effort is basically pointless.

  18. I love this post Andye! I agree with you 100% When I began reading I read random books maybe 3books a year. Then I stopped. Then I picked up Twilight and fell in love. I didn't know what to do, so I went to the library didn't know what to get and so I left because I couldn't find anything. So I just reread twilight again. Then I randomly picked up (city of bones, vampire academy, and evernight) at walmart and fell in love. Bumped into goodreads online in search of what books to read next. Though that helped a little with helping me pick books but I asn't exactly what I was looking for.

    I started googling teen book clubs wondering of that existed lol.Then I ran into & and didn't know they were a blog until months later. I just thought they were like special people that got to speak to authors and so many cool books. After I started reading their blogs daily I found a whole bunch of other blogs that I fell in love with. It took me about 6 months to realize that I had the potential to start a blog and it's been the best thing.

    Without blogs I wouldn't know what to read and people to talk to about books.I have bought so many books that I would have never bought without reading blogs (hunger games, wings, matched, nightshade)this is just to name a few.
    So all in all blogs are very powerful things!! (we should get endorsement deals!!! lol)

    great post, sorry for the long comment :-P

  19. BTW I decided to make a post of this on my blog with the link to this post so you could get more feedback on this topic!

  20. +JMJ+

    Andye, I love your title because it is precisely the question I asked myself last month, when the whole "Book bloggers don't sell books" controversy raised its head. Personally, I thought the defensive reaction of many book bloggers was poor showing from the community, revealing nothing but how onion-skinned and self-important some people are. (There was another book blogger whose blog I simply stopped following after she posted a rant about all the "power" book bloggers have and how we should be feared and respected. Geez . . .)

    For me, the dust up that ensued was a distraction from the point of book blogging, which is a love of reading and a desire to find like minded people to discuss books with. The economic aspect is just icing on the cake. If someone were able to prove that we don't even generate enough buzz to sell books, making the ARC supply dry up and authors stop giving interviews, would we stop what we're doing? I hope not!

    I also love your conclusion that having this interactive community of readers helps us move from reading books to living books, which is wonderful. But I also think that saying this translates into more sales just distracts us some more. Can we sell books? Yes. Do we sell books? As a community, very likely! Should we care that we sell books? No.

    PS--I've just read over what I've written. It seems like the most ungracious comment in the world. I really don't mean to be the doom-and-gloom wet blanket here; but I do think that this emphasis on sales--even one as well-balanced and positive as this post--is not good for book blogs.

  21. Excellent post. I love the connections that book blogging brings to books and authors. I buy books based on those connections. When I read a great review it makes me want the book so I too can experience what the reviewer did. In this way I would agree that as a blogging community we do help sell books.

    But I have to wonder if the blogging community as a whole has much effect on book buyers outside our community.

  22. Enbrethiliel, don't worry, I don't think your comment sounds ungracious! I understand what you're saying completely.

    I guess I feel like, for bloggers, we know we'd do this anyway. If all the pub $$ was gone and we never received another book from them, I think 99% of us would keep on truckin, because we don't do this because of that. We do it because we love books.

    The point I was trying to make was't even that we sell books. It was that authors and publishers should be happy about all this hype, because the hype sells books. So why the complaining?

    And, I do like to think that I help sales. It makes me feel good to think that, if I loved a book, that I somehow helped that author to become successful. However small that role may have been. I want to sell their book. I hope to sell their book.

    That's why I don't just limit my comments to my blog. When I'm in a bookstore and see someone checking out all the books, I can't stop myself from saying, "Have you read Paranormalcy, or Anna and the French Kiss?" I loved those books so much that I want to help those authors succeed. I even sometimes move books I love to the front shelves in bookstores and at the library. I request that my library carries books that I want others to read. I write reviews on Amazon etc. I do anything I can think of to get that book noticed, because I love it.

    However, if all that was for not, would I blog anyway? Absolutely! Because I love this community. I love discussing books with like-minded people, and talking about why I loved something.....or hated something.

    Blogging will go on! :)

  23. I love this post! I completely agree- some bloggers are a great source for getting people excited about reading and books.

    I too would have never picked up some of the books I read had it not been for bloggers.

    I've been blogging for over 7 years and often times talked about a book on my personal blog. It wasn't until I read Cassie's book did I want to combine my love of her writing and my love of books and create a site where I could talk all about books.

    I love that so many YA bloggers aren't just teens. Not that we're old or anything (LOL). Can I just say, I love your "book" responses. Though I don't think you write a book. I think you have a fantastic way of explaining things and getting your point across.

    I seriously may have to write a similar post about this for Thoughtful Thursday and link it back to your site. I love it!

  24. My story is similar...until I stumbled across you guys & Mundie Moms on twitter. I started following book bloggers via twitter and my book purchases started going through the roof. I used to pick up the occasional book at 1/2 Price Books, mostly for my daughter, now I spend between $50-100 a month on books. I read all the time, because I know what is good. I went from reading Harry Potter & Twilight over the course of 12 years to 75 books last year and on pace to do 120 this year. Book bloggers make a difference to reading and $$ spent. Maybe some readers would spend the $$ regardless, I bet bloggers do redirect some of that spending to books that have a buzz.

  25. l can honestly say l also did NOT know about the huge blogging community. l knew about a few book blogs but l didn't know that there was as many as there is.
    l totally agree with you, l also have so many books to be read and have read books l would never have picked up if it wasn't for other blogs.

  26. Hey, Andye! Great post. I think you're absolutely correct that bloggers help debut authors the most. I'm eternally grateful to all the bloggers who spread the word about FORGET-HER-NOTS in ways I never imagined.

    Blog on!

    White bellflowers (for gratitude),

    Amy (Brecount White)

  27. +JMJ+

    Thanks for your response, Andye. =)

    I do agree about book blogs being great at creating hype. There are many YA novels that I never would have heard of, much less been interested in, had it not been for the book blogging community.

    Which brings me to another issue that Jan von Harz brought up right under my first comment: What effect do we have outside of this community?

    I think it's great that you don't limit your actions to your online life! And I'm sure other book bloggers do similar things in their own real-world communities. But at the same time, I believe the hype and the promotion are secondary--a side effect of living an honest love of books. (Or to take an example you might find among foodie blogs, people might start buying more coconut milk because a couple of passionate bloggers shared experiences of cooking with it. But the sharing of the experience was for its own sake and not necessarily to boost the sales of coconut milk marketers. And when the pioneer bloggers find out about it, they are thrilled to know they were able to help people out as well as fulfill their primary purpose of blogging what they love.)

  28. I've bought a lot of books after either reading a review here or seeing what's come through your mailbox and checking them out.
    So yeah, bloggers do sell books, as well as book forums :)

  29. Couldn't agree more. For me, book blogs are about capturing that Reader Response Reaction we all have when we read a book. It's almost like when you run into a knowledgable bookseller and they get excited telling you about some new story, they know you'll enjoy. The best reviwers capture that very emotion.

    So in the end, it is about the buzz. Not so much about sales. Now does buzz translate into sales and at what percent?? It does. And I'm sure the percent varies but is similar to that bookseller situation. Sometimes, I walk away thinking hmmm, maybe I'm not ready to commit to buy yet but then weeks/months later, I pick up that very book. It's a hard thing to measure but it is out there.

    Thanks for an insightful post. :]

  30. I completely agree about the buzz. It may not be readily apparent in the sales figures but word of mouth does produce sales in stores and online.

    I am a huge buyer of books, but I am only one sale. But I have a friend who buys books that reads my blog and she buys books on my recommendation. She runs a book club and she chooses books for her 10 friends to read. She is also a middle grade teacher. She gets her students excited about the books.

    They tell their friends. And on. So, my one blog recommendation could turn out to be sales of twenty or more books.

    I recommend books to my fathers friend who runs the children's section in her library. If I highly recommend something she buys it...

    Okay, this is rambling, but the point is, it may not evident that the sales come from blogs, but in a roundabout way they do.

    And until I started my blog, I had no idea there were book blogs. But now I visit many and have bought at least 100 books based on blogger recommendations in the past 4 months. That's 100 sales that might not have been.

  31. I have to agree with you. I started with twilight too. Loved the book and had a hard time finding others that I loved. I went to a tech conference and discovered twitter. That's how I found blogs and I can't believe how many great books there are out there that I couldn't find with out blogs and twitter. Now I have my own blog. I didn't start it to sell books or get books. I started it to share my thoughts on the books that I read. I hope others find great reads because of it. Love it when you can't keep your mouth shut.

  32. I do think bloggers sell books. I also think buzz is important, although I have been burnt by buzz before. And yeah, selling books to other book bloggers is not a bad thing. Our money, at least in the US, is all the same color.

  33. Completely agree with your points. I love reading, but used to have trouble finding new books to read. Since I started following different blogs, I find so many great recommendations I don't have time to read them all!

  34. I could waffle on but I just did a post on this, feel free to have a look Andye :)

  35. Amy's not complaining, and she is one of my most favoritest (yes, it is a word, hello, I made it so!) authors to work with, so I'm set! : )

  36. Before meeting the book blogs, I used to read but not so much as I do today. I'd read some books my mom had on the shelves, Harry Potter's and some Anne Rice's ones. After Twilight I started to look for similar books and I happily found the book blogs! As you said the blogs presented me some books I wouldn't have known otherwise amd their reviews sometimes made me think twice about some books I wouldn't have read because their descriptions didn't sound good or their covers were not eye catching. So I really think book blogs are helping to sell books! :)

  37. Great post. There are several books I wouldn't have bought in the past few months if it weren't for the blogging community!

  38. Ahh! Amazing post! There's no way I could have worded that so perfectly. Tho I love Twilight, it wasn't the reason I started reading YA, I've been reading it since I myself was a YA ;) But, I admit that Twilight spurred this movement. I'm so happy to be a part of this community. I've found wonderful, creative and inspiration writers and authors, and the best friends I'd never dreamed of having. Will hopefully be doing this forever. Thanks for this post!

  39. Smart, cool post. I know I've been really enriched reading blogs in terms of getting familiar with what YA enthusiasts are thinking about; their likes and dislikes, what's hot & what everyone's sick of, and just generally the zeitgeist. a writer can live in a bubble-- up till a few years ago, all my book feedback was either through lit review sites or snail mail. And as a reader, I'm always discovering a great novel via the blogs, or learning something about a first-time (or established) novelist through some snappy interview. it's a bright, new, invigorating world, and there's a huge value in connecting with it. In fact, it would be obtuse of me to continue writing YA and not spend a portion of the day living in the YA ether of these blogs. (talk about a quick path to irrelevance.)

  40. I think book-bloggers do a huge amount to really get people excited about reading YA, and that's awesome! Love what you said about community, too -- I find that the YA community (bloggers, writers/authors, pub professionals) is so amazingly supportive and fun. :)

  41. What a great post! I totally agree with you. There are tons of books that I have read (or wait to be read) that I never would have bought and/or read if it wasn't for this book blogging community. It has exposed me to different genres and material that I wouldn't have given the time of day if it wasn't for the opinion of certain bloggers who I really respect.

    And I am totally with you on the Twilight thing. I read NOTHING before it.


  42. So, I posted a comment the day this went live and I was slapped on the wrist by Blogger with a techno-error. Tried posting again TODAY and got another error. I will do my best to try an recall all I wanted to say.

    I read the post and of course couldn't help but put it together with all the other posts, rants, comments, etc. of late regarding bloggers. Everyone from authors, to agents and publishers have weighed in as to whether bloggers sell books.

    I'm hear to say--who cares? Bloggers blog (the ones I know--and I know lots) for the love of books. The readers who follow their blogs do so because they trust the opinions they offer regarding the books they review and they enjoy learning about the newest books, getting access to their favorite authors and often times, having the chance to win free stuff!

    As a marketer by trade, I can say for certain it is virutally IMPOSSIBLE to know whether bloggers at large or a particular blogger has a significant impact on sales. Do readers go and buy books based on what they've read on a blog? I believe so. I've done and know many people who have. Do they decide NOT to buy a book based on the same--ditto. So, in that regard, I can say I've personally seen the INFLUENCE a book blogger can have on the sale of a book.

    HOWEVER, more important than perhaps sales is the all important awareness and or buzz. Awareness is key to selling and promoting a book and or author. Without awareness it becomes harder to sell not only to consumers but booksellers, libraries, etc. If you can develop awareness--that is--hey, this book exists and it might even be something that interests you--then you can turn that awareness into BUZZ.

    Buzz. So important to marketers. You cannot put a price on it, you may not even fully understand what it is--but Lord knows--every author, publisher, agent and marketer hopes that THEIR book gets GREAT BUZZ. And you know what? Book bloggers can create that buzz. And that is what publishers know. Sometimes the collective excitement and energy around a book can create the kind of buzz that will land it on the NY Times Bestseller list. Sometimes, negative buzz can kill a book faster than bed bugs in the office.

    At the end of the day, I hope book bloggers are not sitting around defending their value to publishers, authors or anyone else. For those who get it--I mean, really get it--we appreciate, love and respect what you do for your community--especiall the YA community.

    For those who don't get it and wish to spew negativity--who cares what they think? They do not define you. You are a book lover, a book devourer, a book blogger. You are a voice in the community that cannot be muted. If some choose not to listen or insist on talking over you--the best thing you can do is ignore them. Otherwise, you give them power and others start asking those annoying question you feel compelled to answer.

    As a writer, editor and major investor in the YA community--I applaud you (all of you) and your efforts. You don't get paid, you do it from your heart for hours/day and you make our world a more interesting place to interact.

    Georgia McBride

    PS-typing feverishly on phone, pls excuse typos

  43. Wow, what an amazing post and amazing feedback! I think it's amazing that there are so many book bloggers out there too. So much fun. I am an *avid* reader and the blogs have really helped bring so many more books to my attention.

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  45. I love your point about bloggers getting people excited about YA books in general. That's good for all of us!Vertical Jump Bible


  47. Everyone had told me that having a blog made it much easier to get published so I made my novel into a blog. A blovel! Killed two birds with one stone!

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