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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss: The Hunger Games Movie

So.....(ugh)......according to we have our new blonde, 20-year-old Katniss.  Just like I pictured her in my mind!!!  Oh, wait, I thought this was for the role of Buffy.

Honestly, whatever.  I'm so over it, it's not even funny.  It probably didn't help that I absolutely hated Mockingjay.  I couldn't even bring myself to write a review of it, I was so disappointed.  But, with all this movie hype and talk of actresses, I was starting to get excited again.  I did absolutely LOVE The Hunger Games after all.

Of all the people that they considered, this is the LAST person I thought they'd choose.  But, it seems as if we haven't even begun and are already straying away from the book.  Fantastic!  Maybe they'll rewrite Mockingjay completely and I'll like it!  haha!!  Yes, of course they'll probably change her hair, but I don't think that even Hollywood can take years off a person's life.  And, I'm sorry, but even with brown hair.....really??

I'm not saying anything about her acting abilities.  I haven't seen her, and I'm sure she's great.  I'm just disappointed that they are choosing to pick someone so seriously NOT Katniss.  But......they didn't ask me!  :P

From The Wrap:
The studio plans the franchise as a trilogy which will include "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay," based on the best-selling young adult books by Suzanne Collins.
Lawrence will play the role of Katniss, a girl who joins a survival contest in order to save her community. The story takes place in the future, where teenagers are chosen by lottery to compete to the death in gladiator-like spectacles, the Hunger Games.

Alex Pettyfer, who plays John in "I Am Number Four," is rumored to be under consideration for the role of Peeta Mellark, as are Josh Hutcherson ("The Kids Are All Right," "Bridge to Terabithia") and Hunter Parrish ("Weeds").

Gary Ross ("Seabiscuit") is directing the movie, which will debut on March 23, 2012.

Billy Ray ("Shattered Glass," "State of Play") wrote the screenplay. Nina Jacobson, Jim Miller and Alli Shearmur are producing.

If they cast Alex Pettyfer as Peeta, I just might throw up!  I love him, but he is NOT Peeta, and Peeta is my favorite, and you better not mess him up!!!

This has, however, gotten me interested in seeing "Winter's Bone."  It looks pretty intense.  Have you seen it?


  1. Alex Pettyfer is def not Peeta!
    He's Jace, and Jace only.
    After Mockingjay, Hunger Games just lost its mojo I guess.
    I didn't have a Katniss actress in mind but it's def not this one. Well, Mockingjay all over! hahaahahahahahaahah

  2. Ugh. I am so angry at this choice!! Worst news EVER!
    Lawrence is so far from Katniss it's not even funny. Like you I haven't seen her act, maybe she's a great actress but she doesn't look like Katniss at all.
    Don't get me wrong, she has a beautiful figure but Katniss is supposed to be starving and poor so Lawrence will have to lose a few pounds. If they turn Katniss into someone sexy I will scream. That's exactly why I didn't want Lawrence or Lyndsy Fonseca to be Katniss, they look too old and too sexy to be Kat and I saw her as being pretty, but not gorgeous/stunning/sexy. If you get what I mean.

    I am once again reminded why I hate adaptations and I have yet to see a good one. They might as well choose Alex Pettyfer for Peeta since they've already screwed up the main character, what's the point?

    *rant over*

  3. Oh dear... Seriously?*sigh* She's def not Katniss material! Have those people even read the books? Sometimes being a good actress is not enough.*rolls eyes* Isn't it all about the image and about getting into the character? I like Lawrence, don't get me wrong, but not for Katniss. She'll have to work a lot at her looks to get even a bit close to her. And if they choose Pettyfer for Peeta I won't even watch the movie. I'll just consider The Hunger Games one of my fav series ever and I'll keep it to my imagination and dream cast. :))
    Sorry, I'm just mad here. LOL

    @Sheepa I hate adaptations too. I wish fab books could remain fab books and that's all. No movie/TV show crap. *sigh*

  4. I have only read a few chapters of Hunger Games and even I know that's not Katniss!

    It should be Saoirse Ronan from City of Ember & Lovely Bones

  5. I have no idea why jennifer lawrence was chosen as katniss even though hailee steinfeld was perfect in terms of looks and age. I'm willing to give her a chance but really, she just reminds me rosalie hale not katniss everdeen.

  6. YES!! I thought of Rosalie too!!

  7. ok so I just watched the winters bone trailer and within those 2 minutes I can tell that jennifer lawrence is a brilliant actress. the one thing that the HUNGER GAMES needs is good acting, so maybe that's why jennifer was chosen. Maybe they concentrated on acting chops more then the looks. so yes she is bot my ideal katniss but I'll give her a chance.

    I just hope Alex pettyfer is not peeta because I really, really want him as jace but who knows.

    off topic-- what did you think of lily collins as clary? just wanted to know your opinion

  8. I'm not convinced :/ And I really hope Alex Pettyfer doesn't end up in it!

  9. Zara,
    I'm not sure about Lily as Clary. I liked her in The Blind Side, but I don't feel like it was enough to make a decision. I think it could go either way. HBU? Do you like her? I think she certainly looks more like Clary than JL looks like Katniss...haha!

  10. THANK YOU! Me and my cuz were starting to feel insane for HATING that Jennifer Lawrence was chosen as Katniss. And just like you, we're not knocking the fact that she can act, but that doesn't mean that she should be Katniss. AT ALL! And like you, Mockingjay was my least fave, too. Again, thanks for validating my general distaste for a blonde 20 yo Katniss!!

    @Sheepa--I couldn't have put it better myself. Rant on!

  11. Andye,

    Lily collins certainly looks like clary but I don't know if she is a good actress or not. I have to wait till abduction to determine that.

    BTW- have you seen this? danielle chuchrane as katniss

  12. Thank you--I've found my home! I was starting to think that Quita and me were the only people in the world that thought this was a crazy idea. So she's been nominated for an Oscar--that's all good and well, but I'm pretty sure they could've found a great actress that actually, you know, LOOKS like Katniss. Oh, and definitely no Alex P--he's Jace all the way. :)

  13. @Deea
    I have only ever seen TWO good adaptations; Bridge to Terabithia and The Lovely Bones.
    If I wrote a book I would only let Peter Jackson direct it because he's a genius. He creates magic! I would want all my fav books to be done by him. Alas, that will never be.
    I don't watch TVD (I've read it) but from what I know it's so different from the books it's another story altogether.

    I wonder how they're going to make her look 16 when she already looks 25 at the age of 20. I don't even want to know how old she's going to look for Mockingjay's release.

    Hahahahahahha!!!!! This is so ridiculous I personally want to scream at Alex to join the cast. For me this film has already sunk before it's even begun.
    Bring it!!! :D

  14. Well, you and I have opposite views of MJ, but we knew that. Let's not fight over it; it meant something to me that it just didn't mean for you and that is as it is for all books. ;)

    However I am happy with the casting call. They have to dye her hair, of course, but she is not a breakable stick body, she looks mature, not like a 14 year old, her acting has a fuel of strength and endurance and I really think she will do Katniss wonders.

  15. That's not at all how I picture Katniss..I totally agree that Alex is not Peeta and that's saying a lot. I'm not just saying since I want him to play Jace. I've tried to stay clear of all the casting reports and I'm really nervous about how different this movie is going to be from the book. I know they can't realistically follow everything from the book, but this is one movie that they can't stray too far from the book or it won't be a big success.

  16. Pam and Marquita, you guys are cracking me up!! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one out there that thinks this is crazy.

    Zara- Omg, yes! I cried!!! The movie directors better take extra time on that scene, because we've already seen it done, and done well!

    You are right, but I'd also throw in The Lord of the Rings. I absolutely love those movies, and actually enjoyed them more than the books. Though they wouldn't have had the amazing story without the books!

    I hope you are right, my friend! I really hope it's awesome and I have to eat my words! It's happened before. I thought Daniel Craig would be a horrible James Bond, and I'm definitely snacking on that comment!

    Mundie Moms,
    I agree, if they stray too far it will be a disaster. Plus there will be an uproar! Although, it's the type of movie that could potentially draw a huge non-book-reader crowd, and they won't care if it's close or not.

    It's funny because on one hand I hate hype, but on the other I love it. I love having these discussions, and getting all excited, but then I also get sick of it, and am so often disappointed with the results. Here's crossing my fingers that this one is awesome!

  17. I've seen Winter's Bone. I did not enjoy it all. The acting was fine, but it was just a really random story. You are right though, she is not Katniss and Alex is Jace, not Peeta! I love Peeta, but don't particularly like anyone that has been suggested yet.

  18. Honestly, people are going to get tired of me saying this, but I HATED Winter's Bone. My go-to phrase for the movie is "like watching paint dry." Why, why, why was it nominated for an OSCAR? Mind boggling! That being said, Jennifer's performance in the film was great. I don't really have a problem with her as Katniss, but I do think she seems too old.
    In regards to Peeta, I'm in total agreement that Alex Pettyfer would be wrong (isn't he in YA overkill anyway with Beastly and I Am Number Four?). In fact, I am adamantly opposed to there. LOL! I think Josh Hutcherson would be a good choice, although they would have to change his hair color too. And after seeing photos of Hunter Parrish, I don't think he would be right either.
    I guess we will have to see when the movie comes out. I remember being stringently opposed to Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire. Boy, did he prove me wrong.

  19. Her acting reminds me of Juliette Lewis from movies like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Natural Born Killers. Could be promising!

  20. You give her dark hair and some mud smeared on her face while trying to keep Peeta alive and giving The Capitol a hard time, she might work!

  21. I'm not happy about this either. Now I just wish the main characters have chemistry because this is not looking good.
    And Alex P. is not Peeta!

  22. @Andye
    I absolutely LOVE The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was after watching those that I fell in love with Jackson's direction. He's amazing! I have yet to read the books though.

  23. OMG, yes!!! THE HOBBIT!! I'm so excited about that one! It's helping me get over my end of Harry Potter (even though the movies don't even come close to the books) depression. I can't wait!!!!

  24. I have been in love with this one actor for the past 6 years of my life and finally he gets his big break in The Hobbit! As if I already didn't love Jackson I can't thank him enough for choosing him.
    Psst! It's the guy who plays Thorin Oakenshield - Richard Armitage :D


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