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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Making of Harry Potter Walking Tour

I thought this was so freaking cool, and I'm ridiculously jealous of anyone who lives close and is going to be able to do this.  Warner Brothers is opening the set of the Harry Potter movies for people to take tours.  You can see Dumbledore's office and The Great Hall (125 ft. of Greatness, tables and all), and tons of the props, costumes and effects from all of the movies.  The tour lasts three hours, and tickets go on sale later this year (though the park doesn't open until the Spring of 2012).

I have yet to get to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, but I am dying to go.  I wonder which experience would be more fascinating.  Of course I would like to go to both.  I think The Wizarding World would feel more like I am AT Hogwarts, whereas this walking tour would just be an incredible look at the movies and how they were made.

How I wish I had an endless supply of $$$$$

I will be accepting donations starting today :D


  1. I agree! I would LOVE to attend both... the theme park and the tour. I hope you get to visit both someday soon! Maybe those donations will come trailing in.. haha

  2. I should come to Florida and cry once you enter Hogsmead and cry even more when you see the castle! (just like I did!!!!) =P

  3. Oh man that sounds AMAZING!!! Talk about dream come true. But I'm the only one in my family who likes Harry Potter so yeah. Not happening. :P

  4. I went to Florida during October and the Wizarding World was FANTASTIC! I got to walk through Hogsmead and see the castle (the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom was the best). I think I was screaming the entire time- it was awesome. If you guys could go, I totally reccommend it!

  5. When you say the park doesn't open until Spring 2010, what you really mean is Spring 2012! Right?!

    Anywho, this sounds wonderful. I was lucky enough to get to the Science Centre in Toronto to the Harry Potter Exhibit and we loved it (daughter and I are huge fans) We loved the actual costumes and props they had, and my daughter even got sorted in the Hufflepuff house(her fave house). I would love to go and see anything Harry Potter! Sounds amazing!

  6. We went to Universal Studios last month and absolutely LOVED HP World (we blogged about it here: Wish we could go to the set in England!

  7. uhhh....yeah....that would be 2012!! Hahaha!!!


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