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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1)Paperback: 330 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

Series of Stand Alone: Trilogy

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My Review:

     First thing's first.  I know what you're thinking.  Trolls???  Yes, it's true, this is a book about trolls.  And I'll be honest, I think that was part of the reason I couldn't really get into it.  
     I think the idea of this book was fabulous, but it was definitely missing something.  I felt like I spent almost the whole book just waiting for something to happen, and when something finally did it was really interesting, and then it went back to nothing.  Neutral. That's how I feel about this book.  I didn't love it, I didn't hate it.  It filled my time, but I wasn't just dying to read the next chapter. 
     As I was trying to figure out what I wasn't crazy about in this book, I went through all of the characters in my head and found that I loved almost all of them, except one.  Wendy.  The problem with that?  She just happens to be the main character.  From the beginning she whines and complains (which is "justified" later when she learns that's just the nature of trolls) and gets everything she wants.  Other than that, I feel like I know nothing about her.  She doesn't have any friends, she doesn't do anything, she has no favorites, she has nothing except the fact that she's an extremely picky eater, and a constant bad attitude.  She's spoiled and bratty and yet everyone loves her. Maybe it's just because she's supposed to be gorgeous, but I don't understand it.
     One of the characters I did love was her brother, Matt.  He was so good to her and he loved her, no matter what she did, or how awful she acted, he was always there for her.  Another character I liked was Tove, in the beginning he's silent.  But as the story progresses you learn why, and he becomes a very interesting person.  My favorite character was probably either Tove or Rhys.  Rhys grew up in a place where he was always second class, he was raised by nannies, he never knew his real parents, and yet he's respectful, nice, and thoughtful with just a touch of defiance.  And no matter what he does he'll never be anyone important because he's only human.  I think that if one of the supporting characters had been the main character, this could have been one of my favorite books.  
     I really don't want to turn anyone away from this book.  If the synopsis sounds like something you would enjoy I would definitely recommend you to try it out for yourself, it just wasn't my favorite book.

  • Sexual Content: Mild
  • Violence: Moderate
  • Profanity: Heavy

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  1. I just reviewed this book like an hour ago. And I see how you felt the way you did, I loved it. I have all 3 books sitting here and just have a feeling this was the intro. I was pretty surprised on how much I liked it.

    Great Review!!

  2. I read this book a while ago, and I loved it. Wendy, however, did bother me a little. But you forgot to mention Finn. ;) If you continue to read the series, you may or may not like Wendy more, but the last book just shocked me.

  3. never heard of this book. although, I really want to read her other book HONALEE which should be released sometimes this year.

  4. I think, that it sounds interessting, but have not read it yet. Maybe in near future.
    So I have to wait a little to have an opinion about it. ^^

  5. Been wondering about this author, her ebooks are pretty cheap. Sounds like she needs stay a little lower on my "to read" list.

    Amy @

  6. I haven't read this yet, but I have it on my Kindle (it was really cheap).
    This is a great review, but I think that Switched may go down a little on my to-read list.
    Thanks for the review!

  7. Thanks:)

    @Lucia: Yeah, I didn't mention Finn because I'm very undecided about him... One minute I loved him and the next he made me so angry! ;) but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    thanks again!


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