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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who is the Richest Fictional Character? The Forbes Fictional 15!


Everyone has heard of Forbes magazine, and knows that they feature the wealthiest in the world.  But who knew they annually take a break from the serious (and let's admit, boring) to feature the richest FICTIONAL characters!  How fun is that?  So.....guess who was a the top of last year's list.  I'll give you a hint, his first name starts with a C and his last name rhymes with Sullen.  With a net worth of approximately $34.1 billion, Dr. Carlisle Cullen was top dog in the fictional world.  But who will win out this year?

This is where we come in, my fiction-obsessed friends.  Forbes is asking you who you think is the richest fictional character.  If you leave a comment on this Forbes post you could have a say in who gets top dog status this year!  The best entries will be featured in Forbes magazine.

So, put on your thinking caps, and go leave a comment!  And I'd love to hear who you have in mind, too, so leave a comment here and let me know who you think is the richest fictional character! much do you think Lucius Malfoy is worth???  (Yes, of course I went with a Harry Potter character!)

The 2010 Forbes Fictional 15
CharacterSourceNet Worth
1. Carlisle CullenCompund Interest$34.1 billion
2. Scrooge McDuckMining$33.5 billion
3. Richie RichInheritance$11.5 billion
4. Tony StarkDefense$8.8 billion
5. Jed ClampettOil & Gas$7.2 billion
6. Adrian VeidtMarketing$7 billion
7. Bruce WayneDefense$6.5 billion
8. Tooth FairyInheritance$3.9 billion
9. Thurston Howell IIIHowell Industries$2.1 billion
10. Sir Topham HattRailroads$2 billion
11. Artemis FowlCrime$1.9 billion
12. C. Montgomery BurnsNuclear Energy$1.3 billion
13. Chuck BassReal Estate$1.1 billion
14. Jay GatsbyRacketeering$1 billion
15. Lucille BluthReal Estate$950 million

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  1. I can't beleive Carlisle makes more than Bruce Wayne!!! 0.o

  2. Great blog!! I'm a new follower :)

  3. Love that Sir Topham Hatt is in there! Great post. :)

  4. Love that Sir Topham Hatt is in there! Great post. :)

  5. Tooth Fairy!!!! hauhauahuaahuh

  6. I thought the Tooth Fairy was a non-profit...
    I want to see Dhiren from Tiger's Curse on this year's list. Can't say why, as it might spoil the story, but he's definitely not wanting for cash.

  7. Bahaha this is so funny! Who knew Carlisle would be number 1?! I see Artemis Fowl is also on here! xD


  8. haha i didn't know Dr. Cullen was the richest in the list. he's just a doctor and I thought he doesnt get anything from that because its all charity right? LOL I love Chuck Bass to be there in the list too! ;)

  9. I was totally thinking Lucius Malfoy, as well! haha Love the post!

  10. Carlisle? Really? OMG. ARTEMIS FOWL. I love those books!

  11. Very clever :) It's nice to see some old and classic names up there! haha the toothfairy! Loved it!


  12. Thanks for sharing. THat was such a fun list.

  13. I don't think Lucius Malfoy is worth much anymore. His reputation was tarnished and I'm sure Lord Voldermort used his money up while he was staying in their mansion. LOL

  14. Last year Scrooge McDuck was number 1 and Lucius Malfoy was not above it or Bruce Wayne, sorry! Chuck Bass is there, he's so much fun! ;)


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